Knockout City game review; Be different in the age of stereotypes


Knockout City with an attractive and different structure was released by Velan Studios in May this year for the eighth, ninth and PC consoles. Check out this game with GGROLER.

These days the market is full of online shooter or Battle Royale games that are very similar to each other. In fact, the online gaming market is becoming more and more repetitive, and it is very rare to see an all-online deconstructive game with new and unique ideas. Just look at the various game stores to find out. In the meantime, a game called Knockout City, which has implemented a special and completely unique idea, is one of the most entertaining and high-quality online games these days. This game is also available in the Gamepass service.

Knockout City

Knockout City gameplay; Middle to modern shape

As much as I thought that Knockout City No matter what I compare it to, no title has come to my mind that is completely right. Perhaps the closest example to this game is Brawl Stars with many differences! the door Knockout City You will play in the form of two three-person teams (in team material) or in a Free For All battle in the form of an 8-person battle. Instead of a gun, you have a ball in your hand, and the more you can KO the lucky players with your balls, the closer you will be to victory.

You must have played the middle game by now. All you have to do in this game is to bear the middle of your enemies! You have to hit the ball on the other players’ heads as hard as you can and have no mercy. You may not believe it, but the game has a lot of complexities at the same time! You can even snip other players with your ball balls and take on the role of the team’s single ball! You can become a woman technically and skillfully hit the ball with arches and cascades! And other such examples.

Knockout City

The most important component of a gameplay is fun. An online game, no matter how scary it may seem, has many possibilities; It will not work unless it nails you to its console. Believe me, I came to myself several times and saw how many hours of gaming experience I had not realized. There are many reasons why Knockout City makes you a console or PC and is attractive. Game materials are diverse, although they still have work to do. The number of game maps is acceptable and even different balls have different uses.

In this busy city, if you do not do KO, you will become KO

Each ball in the game has a special meaning. Your style of hitting the ball is decisive in the gameplay, and you can even use the game environment in a cowardly way to win. As we said, the main goal in the game is to smash the ball to the enemies and KO them. Of course you need a ball to do this. In addition to getting the ball in the game environment, you have three ways to achieve it. 1- Hit the enemies and take the ball from them. 2- Expose yourself to KO and catch the thrown ball with L2 with proper timing. 3- Tell your teammate to turn into a ball (!) And shoot him!

Knockout City game review

The latter is the deadliest weapon in the game, and if you throw one of your ball teammates accurately, the enemy becomes KO on the spot. Ordinary cannons require two strikes to defeat the enemy (unless fully charged before launching by holding R2), but human cannons and bomb cannons destroy the enemy in a single collision without the need to charge on the spot. Of course you have to be careful; If you receive these cannons thrown by the enemy, you will be in great danger.

Knockout City game review

Variety in the game is the first letter

Free For All mode, which the game calls KO Royale, is much busier and more exciting. Apart from the usual FFA, which we have seen many times in shooter games, there is also a team FFA mode in the game. In this case, you will face your online enemies in the form of 4 two-person teams and you will witness a full-scale conflict. Game maps are not few; But there are relatively minor differences. Velan Studios should add a little variety to the game maps and widen the differences.

Definitely one of the most important things for more professional players is the Rank section of online games. The ranking part of Knockout City is called League Play. In this part, first you play 5 games to determine your initial rank from bronze to gold, and then you can gradually improve your rank by winning the games. The problem with this is that there is only one game mode. In League Play you fight in two 3-person teams; The difference with Casual mode is that in case of death, you will not be answered until the end of the round.

Check out Knockout City

League Play; Professional section of Knockout City

The League Play section of Knockout City is very similar to the Factions section of TLOU (in terms of game mode similarity), however this section suffers from a severe lack of variety and needs more attention. Another brilliant part of the game is the costumes and cosmetics. You can change your character from head to toe and there are many details to change. Also, different costumes will be opened for you as a result of the progress in the Knockout Pass of the game, which will give a lot of variety to the appearance of the characters.

But let’s take the game a little more seriously. The game does not claim to be the best online game or a great online shooter like Warzone. But what makes this game less serious? I will state the two main reasons for that, regardless of the overall atmosphere of the game, which is not serious at all. First, the game does not use any heroes. If, like Overwatch, we could choose a character from different heroes and classes with different abilities, the game would definitely be taken more seriously.

Knockout City game images

The second reason is that the game requires a very good ping for an ideal and appropriate experience. Since the game has a very high speed and the speed of transfer and throwing the ball is also high, in order to be fully aware of what is happening and gain a good experience of the game; You will need to ping under 50. Of course, if you have a ping below 120, you can still have a fairly acceptable (not ideal) experience of the game. These two reasons, in my opinion, along with the humorous, colorful and non-serious atmosphere of the game, have caused the game in cyberspace not to be taken seriously at all and to be so underrated.

Knockout City graphics; Eye-catching yet simple

The game’s graphics bear a resemblance to the acclaimed online title Fortnite. Game textures and effects like rain and explosion are really good quality. Draw Distance works very well due to the need for remote vision and you can recognize landscapes and characters well from a distance. Fortunately, the firmware is stable in the game, and during my experience with the Xbox Series S, I did not see the slightest drop in frames.

Knockout City in Gamepad

One of the things that affects the gameplay; It is the animations of the characters. Animation Catching the ball is the most important and influential animation in the gameplay, which fortunately has very few bugs and does not disrupt your experience. Launch and jump animations are very fluid and not at all dry and inflexible.

Music and sound; Prioritize quality over quantity

The music in the game is really audible despite the small pieces. The same basic music of Knockout City launch will make you happy and you will want to spend more time in the menus and early parts of the game. There is a special excitement embedded in the game’s music that you will understand when I hear it.

Game Knock Out City

Knockout City has a long way to go to become one of the greats of online gaming. But Velan Studios has taken a lot of courage and brought one of our most memorable childhood games to our video game in the form of an online game, and this work deserves admiration and encouragement. Knockout City is a really fun experience and I suggest you try it with your friends.

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