Kojima will be the next Metal Gear development consultant


Recently, more details about the rumors of cooperation Konami Company As the publisher of the Metal Gear series and the creator of the series, Hideo Kojima has been released to develop a new Metal Gear project.

The famous video game insider, Millie A, announced today on his Twitter account that Kojima is not technically working directly on any project in the Metal Gear game series. Of course, this does not mean that he will not play a role in this process, because Millie A believes that Hideo Kojima is going to play a role as a consultant for Virtuos Studio, which will build the next Metal Gear project based on rumors.

Konami CEO Hideki Hayakawa believes that Kojima’s name will help sell the game. In his opinion, Kojima’s participation was considered very important, even in small capacity. He believes that this belief is valuable because Kojima and the Metal Gear series are somehow inseparable, and fans would most likely like Kojima to play a role in the project. In fact, the introduction of Hideo Kojima will in itself increase fan confidence in Metal Gear’s next project.

Next Metal Gear

Hideo Kojima does not work directly on any Metal Gear series projects.

Hayakawa, Konami’s president, strongly believes that Kojima’s presence in the title development process is necessary and will increase gamers’ confidence in the project under construction.

He will only be involved as a consultant in the development of this title.

Metal Gear Survive is a good example of what could have happened to this franchise without Kojima’s leadership and role in the development of a version of Metal Gear. Metal Gear Survive was released as a sub-release in 2018, after Kojima left Konami in late 2015. The title was met with a general negative response from both gamers and critics. In fact, Konami has never mentioned the number of copies of the title sold so far, which indicates the poor performance of this title.

It has recently been reported that Konami is reviving its original franchises. Various rumors refer to the revival of the Metal Gear, Castlevania and Silent Hill collections. The Metal Gear project is said to be still in the early stages of development, and its story revolves around Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. In addition, Konami is reportedly planning to remake the original Metal Gear series titles, which will be released before the new Metal Gear project.

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