Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 could be a role model for Infamous 3


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 may tell a story in which two heroes of previous versions confront each other; Something that Infamous 3 has a lot of potential for. At the moment, not much information is available about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and only its development has been officially confirmed by Insomniac Games. On the other hand, Nadji Jeter as the character of Miles Morales had announced before the introduction of this game that the motion capture process continues to be sure that the introduction date of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will come soon. .

Beyond that, according to references to Marvel’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Venom and Symbayot (Symbiote) Will play a colorful role in the story of the next game of this series. As a result, if we assume that Insomniac Games intends to move on to the next game without interfering with the character’s comics, it is likely to be Peter Parker’s Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, except for Venom Symbayot. Will stick.


With Symbiot entering the game, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 antagonist will likely be Peter Parker.

Peter Parker, infected with Symbayot, will naturally become the villain of the story after playing the protagonist, and it is likely that Miles Morales will defeat him at the end of the second issue of the series. Of course, watching the battle of these two heroes will be very interesting, exciting and bitter, and more than anything, it makes this game look like the third and expected version of Infamous.

In fact, given that Infamous One and Two each contained a character alongside the good / evil system, the battle between Cole and Delsin in the infamous Infamous 3 is inevitable. And it will be interesting. Apparently, Sucker Punch has focused all his attention on Ghost of Tsushima, and it is unlikely that we will hear any particular news about Infamous for at least the next few years.

Cole and Delsin face off in Infamous 3

While there are many ways to combine the two stories of the first and second versions of Infamous with the third version, one of them seems more appealing than the others. In fact, the formula for having two main characters and a hero in a game has been tried and tested by The Last of Us a long time ago, and Infamous 3 can follow the same path.

Although the collaboration between Cole and Delsin will turn into a fun and traditional superhero adventure, their encounter with each other is more memorable. In addition, the existence of a good and evil system in this game can solve the difficult part of the story, which is the optional choice of the game path by players for Soccer Punch. In fact, players can voluntarily steer Cole on the “good” track and Delsin on the “bad” track until the two lovable heroes face off.

As you know, Cole’s character is far more popular than Delsin, and of course any game will choose the “good” path for him. On the other hand, Delsin has unlimited potential to become an evil character. The ending of the evil storyline in Infamous Second Son showed us that he will basically have unlimited powers and abilities in the third part of the game.

So, not only is he a terrific character to play the role of antagonist in a superhero game, but the ultimate giant will be a really powerful one, and facing him from now on will cause fear and apprehension in gamers. Finally, the story of this game can depict how Cole stopped the evil and insatiable Delsin from power, or revolves around Delsin’s greed to gain Cole’s powers.


Delsin has unlimited potential to become an evil character.

Miles and Peter’s dream encounter in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

While it is unclear whether Soccer Punch will be interested in making a new version of the Infamous series in the future, Insomniac Games is currently developing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. In fact, the first and exclusive version of Miles Morales Spider-Man was so popular and successful that not making a new part of it is literally crazy in every way.

While making the first game of Venom will undoubtedly be exciting, it can also feature other symbiots. In fact, it is possible that the second part of the Spider-Man series has an exciting option called Peter Parker to play the villain of the story. Not only will this be a story change, but it will also force gamers to hate their favorite character.

On the other hand, the occurrence of this event causes the character of Peter Parker in this game to be multiplied in every way. For example, in terms of gameplay, he will benefit from Venom-specific moves in the Symbiote shell and cannot be labeled duplicate.


The first and exclusive versions of Miles Morales Spider-Man are so popular and successful that not making a new part of it is literally crazy in every way.

in the end …

Just as we expected from Infamous 3 in the game between Cole and Delsin, we expect Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to follow the same path and at times put its two favorite characters on opposite sides of good and evil. . In fact, gamers can lead Peter on an evil path in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and, on the other hand, walk a good path with Miles Morales.

Finally, the encounter of these two characters with the availability of two different endings for the game, can be the most ideal and epic ending possible for this series; A path that can easily be followed by Soccer Punch in Infamous 3 as well.

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