Metroid Dread reviews and scores published


Moments ago, reviews and scores of Metroid Dread were released by critics around the world. We seem to be dealing with an extraordinary title.

After a long wait, fans of the Metroid series can finally experience a new game from this series. The title Metroid Dread will not only quench the thirst of gamers, but according to published reviews, it seems that we are on the side of a unique effect, what we expected.

Here are some reviews of this game:

VGC 10/10

We see almost perfect balance in the combination of old and new ideas. Metroid Dread adds a cinematic and fast-paced action approach with a surprising story to the classic side-scrolling approach. This is the comeback that fans have been waiting for.

Nintendo Life 10/10

Metroid Dread is a glorious comeback for Samos Aran and the MercurySteam team. This is a very attractive and highly entertaining title that presents itself as one of the best versions with a perfect design. With a series of great features, attractive stealth stages, creative bass and a story that fans will surely enjoy, we are facing one of the best games. Is this the best Metroid game? Yes, it can be the best version of the series.

Player 2 9.1 / 10

Metroid Dread is an exemplary comeback for the franchise and Samos Aran.

TheSixthAxis 9/10

In Metroid Dread we see the return of the Galaxy’s best prize winner in the best possible way. The game has become one of the versions of this series by adding elements of fear, modern directing Samos and adding Lore, which is a vital experience for fans.

Gamespot 8/10

Above all, Metroid Dread evokes a sense of risk-freeness and the continuation of a well-known formula. The gameplay has been improved and new features have been added to the effect, but Dread is heavily dependent on the formulas of its ancestors. Finally, for older fans, this may be the best approach. We are back home.

Digitaly Downloaded 7/10

I finished Metroid Dread with some conflicting opinions in mind. On the one hand, I think this is a well-designed game, and the core gameplay elements, such as the chasing robots, are beautifully combined with the usual Metroid formula. On the other hand, this formula has been around for a long time and Dread does not change it enough. Dread is a good game, but I have to say that it is not as memorable as the fans expected.

Metroid Dread will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch console on (October 8, 2021).

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