MSI has won 16 CES Innovation Awards


Taiwanese technology company MSI, which is active in various fields, including gaming, design and business, has succeeded in the CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree with its attractive products, from monitors to graphics cards and motherboards, winning a total of 16 awards. It has different categories. Thirteen of these awards have already been announced, according to MSI, and three more will be announced on January 3, 2022. It is interesting to know that this year, the CES Innovation Awards program has reached a new record by receiving more than 1800 items. The winners of this event have been announced on the eve of CES 2022 as one of the most important events in the world of technology, which is scheduled to be held virtually from January 5 to 8 in Las Vegas.

The CES Innovation Awards program awards prizes each year to the most outstanding technology-driven products that have a say in design and engineering. Regarding the CES 2022 Awards, an MSI official said: It is great that every year the CES team recognizes our hard work. “In fact, these awards reflect our ongoing commitment to providing the best world-class technology solution to the market.”

Z690 GODLIKE Motherboard – Winner of Computer Parts and Gaming Hardware

The new flagship MSI motherboard, which we saw for the first time thanks to this app, has won two awards for the Taiwanese manufacturer. Z690 GODLIKE is the most powerful Z690 chipset motherboard to date, designed for hardware professionals, overclockers and professional gamers. It is also the first motherboard to feature a 3.5-inch touchscreen, a feature that is sure to impress CES Innovation Award judges as much as its many other capabilities.

MEG ARTHYMIS 341 Mini LED Monitor – Winner of high-end gaming, home audio and video accessories

MEG ARTHYMIS 341 is the first curved display with Mini LED panel. Gaming display that has significant specifications to provide the best image quality. With this display, gamers can experience unparalleled image resolution and contrast along with very high color accuracy. Thanks to the Mini LED backlight, the maximum brightness in this display is very high and also the depth of black color is remarkable.

Motherboard MEG Z690 UNIFY-X – Winner of Computer Parts and Hardware

Another of the best motherboards that MSI has provided with the high-end Z690 chipset for Intel 12th generation processors. With a very powerful power supply circuit, a variety of development options with the latest standards, a wide variety of storage solutions and ports and other peripherals along with a very attractive design has made this motherboard shine at the CES Innovation Award.

MEG PROSPECT case – winner of the gaming section

MSI can now be considered one of the main manufacturers of computer cases. The Taiwanese manufacturer has won the CES Innovation Award in the gaming category with the MEG PROSPECT case. The design of this case, thanks to its dedicated RGB lighting system, RGB fans, transparent side panel and enough space to install today’s powerful parts, along with the ideal ventilation system, have made MEG PROSPECT a worthy host for your powerful building gaming parts.

Mouse Clutch GM41 – Winner of Computer Peripherals

The Clutch GM41 is a lightweight wireless gaming mouse. The dimensions of the mouse are designed to fit the hands of most gamers, and gamers do not get tired of working with this mouse for long hours. MSI also uses precision sensors in the Clutch GM41, which gives gamers excel in FPS games. The LED logo with a dragon design also makes this mouse have an attractive appearance.

MPG321UR-QD Xbox Edition Display – Winner of PC Hardware & Accessories

Another great display from MSI, but this time a flat panel that the company has designed for the latest generation of Microsoft’s Xbox game console. The appearance of this display is the first thing we can get excited about. The beautiful design of the display base, the RGB LED strip on the back of the monitor and the MSI logos in gold have all made us face eye-catching products. At the same time, the image quality of this screen can also affect gamers.

GeForce RTX 3080 Ti SEA HAWK X 12G – Winner of Computer Parts and Hardware

MSI is one of the top graphics card makers in the world, so it is no surprise that it is proud of such an event in this area as well. RTX 3080 Ti SEA HAWK The company, as one of the most special RTX 3080 Ti on the market with AIO liquid cooler, has won an award at the CES Innovation Award in the field of computer hardware.

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