New details of BioShock 4 have probably been revealed


As it turns out, new details and information have probably been leaked from the much-anticipated game being developed by BioShock 4.

Undoubtedly, the BioShock game series is extremely popular, which is why many gamers are eagerly awaiting the release of more details from the fourth version of this series. Toki Games (2K Games) first announced in 2019 that it was in the middle of making the new BioShock title at Cloud Chamber Studios, but since then more details on what the project will look like. And what features it will have, has not been published.

However, while new information on the title may be released by Toki Games soon, fans of the two fires in the series think they have discovered a new website that gives us a better idea of ​​the game and the features that It may have, it gives.

Fans of this collection last week called a website The name is a direct reference to a dialog line from BioShock Infinite. The site itself and its images are not very detailed and contain very few points. However, in the image of this site, you can clearly see a sky full of stars with a large star in the middle. The more interesting point is the name of this site Keep up to date It clearly shows that this site is a kind of teaser that will be updated at the right time and will provide us with more information.

Game BioShock 4

Based on what has been shown on this website, a number of fans have inferred that the bright sky image could indicate that BioShock 4 is likely to take place in space. Previously, the series has taken place significantly in areas under the sea and above the clouds, and its narrative has taken place in various places. If the BioShock 4 story takes place in space, it could be said that a very important move has taken place, and this franchise is very similar to its roots in System Shock, a franchise that former director Ken Levine did before the development of the BioShock series. He worked on it, he will.

Of course, there are a few things to note about this website in general. In the first place, it is hard to believe that this site even belongs to Toki Games because it has no address. This means that this website may not have anything to do with BioShock 4, and all of this is really a series of absurd theories.

In addition, this site is not a website that has appeared in the past few days. Instead, the site has been around for years, which means it’s nothing new and fans have just discovered it. As such, do not think at all that this site will definitely and soon release new news from the title under construction BioShock 4. However, we have to wait until the official information about this game is released.

What do you think of GGROLER’s regular companions in this regard? What features do you think BioShock 4 will have? Share your comments and suggestions with us in this regard.

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