New games for the Xbox Game service have been introduced


Finally, Microsoft is the next wave of titles for Xbox Game Pass service Confirmed on consoles, PCs and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (for consoles, PCs, and cloud services) joins GamePas today. After that, on October 7 (Thursday, October 15), The Procession to Calvary (for consoles, PCs, and cloud services) and Visage (for consoles, PCs, and cloud services) will return to Game service.

Following this trend, Back 4 Blood (for consoles, PCs, and cloud services) and Destiny 2: Beyond Light (for PCs) will be released on October 12 (Tuesday, October 20), Ring of Pain (for consoles, PC and cloud service) and The Riftbreaker (for Xbox X / S series, PC and cloud service) on October 14 (Thursday, October 22) and The Good Life (for console, PC and service) Cloud) will be added to the game after service on October 15 (Friday, October 23).

New Xbox Games After Games

It should be noted that Scarlet Nexus, Marvel’s Avengers and Lemnis Gate are among the titles that were added to the Xbox GamePas last week.

Also, the following titles will leave Gamepas on October 15 (Friday, October 23): Gonner2 (for consoles, PCs, and cloud service), Heave Ho (for PCs), Katana Zero (for consoles, PCs) And cloud service), Scourgebringer (for consoles, PCs and cloud service), Tales of Vesperia HD (for consoles, PCs) and The Swords of Ditto (for consoles, PCs).

It looks like Xbox GamePass subscribers will have plenty of exciting games to experience this month. In addition, the CEO of Take-Two had said that the after-game service currently has about 30 million subscribers.

What do you think of GGROLER’s regular companions in this regard? How many games would you like to add to the gameplay service? Share your comments and suggestions with us in this regard.

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