PlayStation 5 capability for image sharing was introduced


The new PlayStation 5 update allows users to application PlayStation Mobile to access images and videos on their console.

This feature is similar to the feature that Xbox players can access through the console’s mobile app. This possibility is now available for PlayStation 5 users. They can share their console images and videos with other gamers through the mobile app. An issue that will be welcomed by gamers as they will have easier access to their gallery.

This feature is currently in beta and is available to a “limited number” of users. The PlayStation Canada Twitter account mentioned this in a post:

A trial version limited to PlayStation 5 gamers in Canada and Japan will be able to share their images and videos through the PlayStation app and will be activated from tomorrow.

Ability to share images in the PlayStation 5 application

Of course, this feature has not been able to meet the needs of users in practice. The problem is that this feature is only enabled for new images and older images are not available. In general, the images are in the cloud for 14 days and the player can access them during this time. Of course, we may see more complete access in the final version.

In recent years, sharing images and videos of the game has been a big part of the gamers’ experience. The expansion of this activity has been so great that now the Photo Mode feature has become a standard in the game development process. In addition to gamers, developers will also benefit from the release of images of their titles in cyberspace and will see their popularity increase.

The PlayStation 5 image sharing feature is expected to be available to gamers around the world in the near future.

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