Pragmata game delayed until 2023


Capcom has officially announced that the mysterious Pragmata game has been delayed until 2023 and will not be released in the previously announced period.

For a long time, Capcom focused only on expanding and releasing new versions of old IPs such as Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter and Resident Evil, but now we are witnessing the development of a completely new game by them. Last year, Capcom unveiled a 2022 sci-fi title called Pragmata during the PlayStation event. For almost a year, no new details of this game were shared, and today we are witnessing a delay until 2023.

Perhaps the issue of video game lag is not surprising today. In any case, Capcom announced on its Twitter page:

To make sure that unforgettable adventures await you, we decided to postpone the release of Pragmata until 2023.

Not much is known about Pragmata, and with this delay, it does not appear that Capcom’s marketing campaign will begin in the near future. However, a new art and video image of the game has been shared, which you can see below.

Pragmata Capcom

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