Review of the first year of release of the Xbox X series console


About a year ago, the ninth generation of game consoles officially launched. Today we want to see the ninth generation console X Box How has the X-Series performed over the past year?

It was November last year when, after much speculation, Sony and Microsoft finally introduced their ninth generation consoles. Powerful consoles that over the next five or six years will host small and large games from various manufacturers around the world to provide new and better experiences to gamers.

Game console bugs and bugs are usually identified in the first year, and buyers can get an overview of their console future. We in the GGROLER team also decided to take a look at their performance a year after the release of these consoles and see if these two big companies have been able to provide enough reason for gamers to buy their consoles in the last year or not.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the ninth generation Microsoft flagship console, the Xbox Series X, and see how this console has performed over the past year.

Market experts estimate that about 8 million Xbox X and S series have been sold worldwide to date. According to reports, the market demand for Microsoft consoles is very high and a small number of people who wanted to buy this console managed to buy it.

Despite the same global price of the X-Series and the disc-burning version of the PlayStation 5, the Xbox X-Series is sold in our country at a lower price. Of course, due to the scarcity of this console in the country, its price is still not very reasonable, and we hope that the prices will be a little more balanced next year so that gamers in our country can enjoy the ninth generation by buying this console.

As you can see, we have been at your service for the past two days with the articles “Review of the first year of the PlayStation 5 console” and “Review of the first year of the Xbox S series console”. In today’s article, we are going to examine the performance of this Xbox console during the first year of its release, and examine the performance of this console during the last year so that you can decide on the purchase of your suitable console by comparing these three pieces of hardware. In the following, we have examined the Xbox Series X in terms of body quality, hardware power, services and games released and expected. Stay with us.

Body quality

Sometimes when you buy sex, the quality of its body looks good and acceptable, but after a year, it has many problems. In this section we want to see if the quality of the Xbox X series body is still acceptable after a year or not.

The Xbox Series X, unlike its smaller sibling, the S Series, is a large, compact console; But its classic and simple appearance allows you to easily place it vertically or horizontally on the desired surface and use it. However, the rival console, the PlayStation 5, is not stable enough in landscape mode and sometimes slips. There have been no reports of vulnerabilities in the body of the console, and Microsoft does not appear to have done much to build the Xbox Series X body.

Of course, there is a small problem in this, and that is the not so good quality of the HDMI port. Many people who have worked with this console in the last year are not satisfied with the quality of this port, and problems such as spam of this port or its relocation are discussed in various game forums.

Of course, if you do not move your console as much as I do, you will not face any particular problem. However, if you are in the habit of constantly using your HDMI cable for other devices or relocating your console, it is a good idea to be aware of this before purchasing this console. However, we hope that Microsoft will fix this minor issue soon on newer models and improve the user experience when working with this console.

On the other hand, it seems that after a year, most gamers are completely satisfied with the X-Series controller and no serious problems with its performance have been reported. Although Sony’s ninth-generation controller, the Dualsense, has been a little more successful in conveying a sense of play to gamers, Microsoft’s new controller has also been able to keep its fans happy with a few improvements over the previous-generation controller. One of these improvements is the better grip of this controller than the previous generation controller, which minimizes the problem of slipping.

One of the things that caught the attention of many after the release of the Xbox X Series was the very low noise of this console. Despite using a large fan on the top of the Xbox X Series, the console is still silent after a year. It remains to be seen whether the console will remain silent with the release of next-generation games and heavy-duty processing, but what is clear is that no complaints have been reported after a year.

All in all, after a year, the Xbox Series X has not diminished in terms of body quality, and there is no particular problem with its design or cooling system.

Hardware power

One of the issues that sparked console wars after the introduction of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles was the higher hardware power of the Xbox X Series. In this section, we want to see how the console has performed in terms of hardware power over the past year.

As everyone expected, the Xbox Series X has had no problems playing old and new games over the past year, and to date almost all games with a frame rate of 60 and even higher have run on this console without any problems.

If you have a 4K display, you can run games like Forza Horizon 5 or Halo Infinite on this console without any problems and enjoy their unparalleled quality. Even games like Microsoft Flight Simulator, which required computers with powerful hardware to run at the best quality, now run easily on the Xbox X Series. Considering that the cost of closing a good gaming system is far higher than buying this console for $ 499, this is one of the strengths of the X Series.

The Xbox X Series SSD, with a capacity of about one terabyte, has performed well so far. This capacity is sufficient for those who usually prepare their games digitally, but if necessary, you can use external memory cards to increase the capacity of your console. Unfortunately, the price of these memories is a bit high. For example, to buy a terabyte of memory, you have to spend more than $ 200. These memory cards are very easy to install and work as fast as the device itself.

The Quick Resume feature of this device allows you to run another game without having to leave one title and switch between the two games whenever you want. After a year, this feature is still one of the winning cards of Microsoft’s ninth generation console and its use is as enjoyable as the first days.

The performance of the Xbox X Series hardware has been incredible over the past year; But we have to see if this console will still perform just as well in games with the release of new and ninth generation games.


No matter how strong a console is in terms of hardware and design, it is ultimately the games and their content that determine the purchase value. So let’s see what the Xbox Series X has done in this regard.

Unfortunately, as we expected, the first half of last year was not a productive period for the Xbox in terms of released games. Of course, this has greatly improved over the past few days, with the release of the much-anticipated Forza Horizon 5 and the beta multiplayer part of Halo: Infinite.

The Halo Infinite campaign section will soon be available for fans to end this year with the release of two major titles by Microsoft. In addition to these two games, The Medium, which was released exclusively to PC and Xbox X / S users earlier this year, did a fairly good job.

But as you know, from the seventh generation onwards, there is no longer a concept called the Xbox console exclusive. All games released on the Xbox will also be available for the PC. This has left many gamers frustrated with the purchase of this console, but the fact is that Microsoft has come up with great plans to make up for this, many of which are set to be fully implemented in the ninth generation.

The acquisition of Bethesda Studios by Microsoft last year was one of the news that shook the gaming industry. Of course, if popular titles like the Elder Scrolls series are monopolized by Microsoft, many gamers who do not have PC money will think about buying this console. In addition, highly anticipated titles such as Stalker 2 and Hellblade II are currently exclusive to Microsoft and are unlikely to be released on the PlayStation 5 in the future.

The Xbox may not currently have strong exclusives like the PlayStation, but Microsoft is trying to make the X and S series the best place to experience by buying big companies in the gaming industry on the one hand and offering services like GamePase on the other. Convert games. Services are combined with targeted content so that Xbox offers its content at a tempting price in addition to quality.


As I mentioned, Microsoft has tried to bring as many frustrated Microsoft fans back into the company as possible by providing attractive services such as Game Pass, and it seems to have succeeded.

In line with Microsoft’s new policy, which aims to make gaming possible for everyone, a service called GamePas was launched in the previous generation. For a fair fee, users had access to a long list of old and new works, and could enjoy all of these games until their subscription expired.

Because gaming is a luxury and expensive pastime in some parts of the world, the service was like a gift from Microsoft to gamers, allowing more people to enjoy the titles of the day. With the success of this service, it seems that Microsoft has opened a special account on it and we are going to see the comprehensive development of this service in the ninth generation.

Along with the gameplay, Microsoft allows users to use the Backward Compatibility feature to access an attractive showcase of games from previous generations and to experience a large number of these titles with better quality on their ninth generation console. Because many gamers are still eager to experience the seventh, sixth, and even previous generations of titles, this service is Microsoft’s key to driving gamers to buy the console.

Overall, Microsoft intends to minimize gaming costs for everyone by releasing a low-cost Xbox S-Series console and providing powerful services such as gameplay and Backward Compatibility, and that’s what we all do. In a way, we want it.


It seems that the Xbox Series X is still not very popular in our country. This is because those who have the money to buy it are likely to reach out to the PlayStation 5 and prefer it. Those who want a cheaper console can buy the S Series. This makes it unreasonable for many to buy the Xbox X Series.

But keep in mind that we are still in the early ninth generation, and by the middle of the generation, buying the X-Series may no longer seem like an illogical option. This console is currently the most powerful ninth generation console in terms of hardware power, and if you prefer Xbox exclusives to PlayStation, the Xbox X Series may be the most logical choice for you. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.

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