Reviews and scores of Back 4 Blood game were published


Hours ago, critics and critics of Back 4 Blood, the new creation of the creator of the Left 4 Dead series, were released, which show that it is a fun game.

Back 4 Blood, as the spiritual sequel to the Left 4 Dead series, is now available to interested gamers, and a few hours ago, the first reviews and scores of critics of the video game industry were published as this title. As mentioned, Turtle Rock Studios, which previously released titles such as Left 4 Dead and Evolve by well-known publishers Valve and 2K, intends to bring Back 4 Blood to fans again. Attract this style to yourself.

Below you can see some of the reviews and scores of this game on the Metacritic website:

God is a Geek 9/10

Thanks to its artificial intelligence, incredible atmosphere, and incredible gameplay speed, Back 4 Blood can be considered a triumphant return for Turtle Rock Studios.

Worth Playing 8.5 / 10

Back 4 Blood is a fun combination of the classic format of the Left 4 Dead series and modern elements in the game industry. The experience of this game evokes the same memorable moments and chaos of the Left 4 Dead series. Of course, this game is made to be experienced in multiplayer mode, but the game’s excellent artificial intelligence makes its single-player experience attractive. The modern features of this game do not overshadow the fun spirit of the game. Also, the speed of the gameplay makes you want to experience this title many times without any bad feelings. Of course, this game has some minor problems, but Back 4 Blood as a whole will improve this style.

IGN Italy 8.2 / 10

Back 4 Blood follows in the footsteps of Turtle Rock Studios, a popular PvE game from the popular Left 4 Dead. Of course, this game has more dynamic gameplay and will provide you with a fun campaign section to experience with three other gamers.

Wccftech 8/10

Not only is Back 4 Blood not a new Left 4 Dead game, it doesn’t even try to become one. This game has a modern gameplay and defines its reward system. Also, this game has a high repetition value and its excellent maps and mission design are exemplary. The high variety of features and fun gameplay make this game a hearty gift from Turtle Rock Studios for fans of this genre. Of course, if you are looking to experience the game individually, choose another game, as this title is inherently multiplayer and will not have much to offer this group of gamers.

Windows Central 8/10

Despite several minor flaws, Back 4 Blood is a great and fresh take on the popular Left 4 Dead game formula.

GameGrin 7.5 / 10

Back 4 Blood follows in the footsteps of Left 4 Dead more than a decade ago. The gameplay looks brilliant. Also, this game will have enough fun challenges to keep its gamers.

Screen Rant 7/10

Back 4 Blood is a premium multiplayer game that looks perfect at the time of its release, and of course this is a rare phenomenon in the gaming industry today. The game mechanics are great, and of course the level of support of Turtle Rock Studio for this game is something that will be determined in the future. However, this game can easily pass the Turtle Rock studio under the shadow of Evolve.

Play Back 4 Blood It is currently available on the PC and PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox S and X Series PC platforms and consoles. Also, this game supports cross-platform capability and has been available to Xbox Xbox users since the day of release.

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