Ricochet anti-fraud system files have been leaked


The system files and key information of the new Call of Duty anti-fraud technology, the Ricochet system, are said to have been leaked just days after its unveiling.

website Modern Warzone He claims that based on the information he has obtained, the leaked files of the new Call of Duty anti-fraud system on the Internet are completely real, and that the original system information and Ricochet technology are now available on the Internet for free, which is a big blow to Ricochet is considered.

According to the images that allegedly show the published files, it can be understood that only a few weeks have passed since their unveiling. Theoretically, this could help fraud code makers completely circumvent this anti-fraud technology before Ricochet is released next month. However, given that the source of this sensitive information is currently unknown, some speculate that Activision may be deliberately using a deceptive file with this sensitive information as a trap to find fraudulent code makers on the surface. The Internet has published. However, no evidence has yet been found to support this claim.

Ricochet’s new anti-fraud system was officially introduced some time ago with the unveiling of Call of Duty: Vanguard. It was also confirmed at the same time that Ricochet would be released on November 5 (Friday, November 14, 2021) for Vanguard and shortly after for Warzone as part of an update to the Pacific map.

Ricochet anti-cheat system of Call of Duty

Regarding this new technology, Activision says:

The Ricochet anti-fraud system is creative in the fight against fraud. In fact, the technology uses a multifaceted approach to combating fraud that includes new tools on the server side. These tools fully monitor the analysis process to detect fraud. Also, measures have been devised to increase the security of gamers’ accounts in a comprehensive way.

In addition to server-level improvements using the Ricochet system, a new driver for PC will be released. This driver will work exclusively for the Call of Duty and Call of Duty: Warzone series games and will improve the gamers’ experience.

In addition to all this, the new Call of Duty driver will help a lot in identifying fraudsters and fraudsters and will significantly increase the overall security of the server. The new driver will be released later this year, along with an update to the Pacific map for Warzone.

Activision claims that since the official release of the free Warzone game in March 2020, it has completely closed more than 500,000 user accounts due to fraud. In addition, the director of Warzone has previously said that he will prevent cheating in the game, which has more than 100 million viewers, and will not allow such acts.

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