Rockstar is unveiling several projects today


Insider GTA 6 Has announced that Rockstar will unveil several projects today. He also stressed that an exceptional project will be unveiled today.

This is really exciting news because there have been so many different news and rumors about GTA 6 and its release date over the last few months. In addition, in recent weeks, there have been rumors of a very large GTA 6 map size and excellent technical graphics, which has led to the rapid growth of GTA 6 on Twitter and the hype and excitement of the fans of this title much more than before. .

However, the GTA 6 News & Leaks Twitter account recently revealed that, according to rumors, this Friday seems to be a very big day for Rockstar. The Twitter account also claims that Rockstar intends to unveil several projects simultaneously today, one of which is a very special title.

My sources have said that Rockstar will unveil several projects this Friday

This Friday (October 22, 2021) is a special day for Rockstar as it celebrates the 20th anniversary of the release of GTA 3. October 25, next Monday, is also the tenth anniversary of the release of GTA V. According to insider sources, Rockstar will not allow this special day to pass without introducing something very special. Is it possible that the unveiling of GTA 6 is the same very special case?

Well, this can happen and it is not far from the mind because we have seen several rumors and news that all announced the unveiling of GTA 6 in October-December this year. However, most of these revelations and published news have mentioned the possible November release period for this title, but considering the several anniversaries that are coming up next week, it seems that now is a very good time to show the first trailer of the title. Next is the GTA series.

I’m sure Rockstar will not allow this Friday to end without introducing a few projects and a very specific title. The tenth anniversary of GTA V is on October 25.

Game GTA 6

In addition, the phrase “unveiling several projects” makes sense, because we are going to see the release of GTA Remastered Trilogy soon. Is it possible that this Friday, to celebrate the anniversary of the release of GTA 3, we will see the release of a full trailer of the GTA Remastered trilogy as well as a teaser of the much-anticipated GTA 6 title? At present, given the many rumors and news that have been published in this regard, such a thing does not seem at all unlikely.

However, as you know, there have been a lot of rumors about GTA 6 features over the last few months, and considering all these rumors, it can be said that something is definitely on the way. Of course, the unveiling of the release date or a teaser of GTA 6 for Rockstar is quite logical and does not matter, because the title of GTA V was unveiled exactly two years before its official release date. However, if the GTA 6 teaser is unveiled, it is likely that the title will be released between October and December 2023.

In addition to all this, if this rumor is true, the release date of 2023 for GTA 6 seems very reasonable and will be exactly 5 years away from the release of Read Dead Redemption 2.

What do you think of GGROLER’s regular companions in this regard? Do you think Rockstar will unveil something today or not? Share your comments and suggestions with us in this regard.

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