Rumor: Information leaked from Resident Evil 9


According to leaked information speculation, Capcom has apparently started work on the next version of the Resident Evil franchise, codenamed Apocalypse.

With the successful launch of Resident Evil Village, fans have been wondering what Capcom’s next step for their beloved franchise is, and now, thanks to some information leaked through 4chan, we have some ideas for Resident Evil 9.

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Based on leaked information and translations, the next version of this horror series will probably be codenamed Apocalyse. While this name certainly fits in well with the overall theme of the Resident Evil franchise, it remains to be seen what the official name of this version will be. Resident Evil Apocalypse apparently uses a third-person camera angle, it also seems to be a feature of past games such as Resident Evil Outbreak Maintains to match the overall theme of the franchise.

According to leaked notes, Resident Evil Apocalypse will be completely solitary. There will apparently be no co-ops or multiplayer experience in this title, but players will have a “creative partnership system” as well as a trust system to separate their allies and enemies. In addition, the game is expected to have an abandoned environment in a forested and unpredictable area.

Finally, according to available information, Resident Evil Apocalypse will probably be released in 2024. If the development of the game has just begun, the fall of 2024 can be imagined as a realistic goal to release this title.

Note that all of this information is unofficial and has not yet been confirmed or denied by the manufacturer or official source.

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