Rumor: Sly Cooper and Infamous revival in PlayStation 5


The two popular franchises, Infamous and Sly Cooper, both appear to be on the road to recovery for the PlayStation 5 after nearly a decade away.

In early October, XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker claimed on his Twitter account that his official source at Sony had confirmed the development of new games from the Infamous and Sly Cooper franchises. According to official source Nick Baker, the two First Party PlayStation franchises will “100%” step into Sony’s ninth generation console.

Two weeks ago, a Twitter user posted a post saying “We need Sly Cooper 5, please.” It was in response to this user that Nick Baker shared the following image. In the image below, an anonymous user has informed Nick Baker of the return of the Sly Cooper and Infamous franchises. Baker also replied that he is aware of this issue. This anonymous user has finally claimed that the possibility of reviving these two franchises is one hundred percent.


Last month, the name Infamous franchise came to the fore following a surprise update to the domain of the official website. At the time, it was thought that Sony would introduce a new version of the franchise during the PlayStation Showcase 2021. Although this never happened, the rumors about the game have grown stronger day by day.

A little further on, it is said that the studio Sucker Punch Productions The development of this game is guided by the unannounced Infamous. Of course, Soccer Punch will apparently have no role in making the unannounced Sly Cooper game, which is said to be a remake.

If you’ve been following the news of the PlayStation Showcase 2021, you probably know that the weird live-action show that aired at the beginning of the event included several symbols from various games; One of these symbols was the Sly Cooper logo. If you are interested in this field, we suggest you do not miss the article “These works were secretly present in the PlayStation live action trailer”.

The latest game from the Infamous franchise, which was actually a prequel to the Second Son version, was released in 2014 as First Light. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, on the other hand, is the latest release of the franchise, which dates back to 2013. The two franchises, despite their popularity with fans and high sales, have not yet been able to convince Sony to return to Good.

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