Rumored skins for Fortnite; From The Matrix To Spider-Man


Recently, a list of future Fortnite skins was revealed, including the names of characters such as Spider-Man and The Matrix.

Fortnite regularly hosts various crossovers and licensed skins of celebrities at this time, and it does not appear that Epic Games intends to stop this trend. Following this issue, a list of names of skins that will be added to this game in the coming months has recently been revealed. We will take a look at them below.

Spider-man skin

fortnite spiderman

The addition of Spider-man skin to Fortnite is something that fans of the game have been waiting for for years, and according to the cooperation agreement between Marvel and Epic Games, this will happen sooner or later. But the reason this hasn’t happened so far is that both companies have been waiting for the right time to add the Spider-man skin to the game, and it looks like that moment will come soon. According to one source who has always been successful in disclosing video game news, the Spider-man crossover in Fortnite will occur with the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is about a month away.

According to the source, Spider-man skins will be available in the first chapter of the third season of Fortnite, and the MCU version will probably be available first.

Skin The Matrix

Release of a new part of the collection The Matrix It will most likely be celebrated in Fortnite as well. Matrix Resurrections will be released in theaters in about a month, and according to another reliable source, the film’s crossover will feature two skins of Neo and Trinity characters in Fortnite. In the latest part of The Matrix, we see a new look of Neo’s character, but do not doubt that his various skins will be included in the game.

In this way, Keanu Reeves will become an actor with two different skins, John Wick and Neo, in Fortnite.

Other skins that are likely to be added to Fortnite

Predicting the skins that will be added to Fortnite in the future is not complicated, and even without revealing their names, epic plans for the game can be guessed. For example, Dune characters will most likely be added to the game, and there are several other characters who will most likely be in the game in 2022.

Characters such as Matt Reeves’ The Batman, Uncharted characters, Mission: Impossible characters, The Walking Dead character Negan, Doctor Strange and Game of Thrones characters are among the main candidates for Fortnite.

Fortnite is now available for free across all platforms.

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