Solar Ash game reviews and scores released


Coinciding with the global release of Solar Ash, some reviews and scores were released, indicating a good, unique, and relatively entertaining game.

Solar Ash is a three-dimensional platforming adventure style game developed by Heart Machine Studios and Annaperna Interactive.Annapurna Interactive) Are also responsible for publishing it. In this effect, players will take control of a character named Rei. Rei is actually a Voidrunner who has entered an Ultravoid with his courage and boldness. Ultravoid is like a huge black hole in which surreal environments and remnants of ancient worlds can be discovered. Rei enters Ultravoid to save his world and must overcome various challenges and survive in dangerous environments. Each of the ruined environments and cities in this game are in a unique situation in terms of challenge and even the type of gravity. In addition to these challenges, powerful characters called Sentinels will be on Rei’s adventure, appearing on the level of Shadow of the Colossus in terms of size and scale.

Solar Ash focuses more on movement and less on combat. According to the developers, this game on the PlayStation 5 console supports all the capabilities of the DualSense controller (adaptive trigger and touch feedback).

Now let’s review the reviews and scores of Solar Ash:

Attack of the Fanboy: 9/10

Solar Ash is a beautiful and exciting thought-provoking experience that is skillfully summed up in an exciting adventure. Undoubtedly, this game is one of the best, if not the best, independent games of 2021.

Gamespot: 8/10

There is a reason that this space is made very dreamy in the game. Solar Ash events take place inside a huge black hole, but the game is at its best when it does not deal with these reasons as if they are so important. Lately, the game tends to be a little too boring. Including strong bass fights. Most of the time, however, the game’s story is where it belongs; That is, in the background. Fortunately, Solar Ash has beautiful backgrounds.

VGC: 8/10

Solar Ash is a great original platformer. A slim motion set that rewards movement and is a great tool for exploring its rotating and broken landscapes. There are also various challenges facing players. While some of the game elements may seem overly simple, this does not detract from the value of a focused, fresh experience.

GamingBolt: 7/10

Even with some rough edges, Heart Machine’s latest Solar Ash game is a compelling 3D platformer with unique features that draw on strong science and knowledge, good stage design and aesthetics.

Wccftech: 7/10

Solar Ash game with soft controls, eye-catching images and interesting fights with powerful bass, leaves a good initial impression; But the lack of character development and changes in the main mechanics eventually become part of the beauty of the game. Solar Ash is a powerful action platform, but it really does not represent anything more than other standalone titles, and it may eventually leave your mind quickly after experiencing the game.

Destructoid: 6/10

This game offers a set of promising concepts that it can not fully realize. The visual experience of this work is stunning, but Rei’s adventure to Ultravoid is one of the game’s problems due to its not-so-interesting narrative and repetitive gameplay. The fascinating world of Solar Ash strives to provide fascinating experiences for the player. However, sometimes the elements come together in a fun way, the design of the disturbing creatures, and the stunning scenery, ensuring that although Solar Ash is not a complete game, it successfully retains its charm to a large extent.

Solar Ash is currently available on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.

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