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With the beginning of the sixth season of Call Of Duty: Warzone, this title had problems with the frame rate, which we intend to introduce a solution to this problem.

Unstable and annoying frame rate problem The sixth season of Call Of Duty: Warzone has been bothering PC gamers for a few weeks, the sixth season may have a lot of problems and glitches, but without a doubt the biggest problem is related to frame rate instability. Fortunately, a solution has recently been found that will help you achieve a more stable and far better frame rate while experiencing this game.

Low and unstable frame rates not only cause you to not perform well when shooting, but also slow down your reaction to what is happening on the battlefield. Rapid reaction and accurate shooting are two important principles in Battle Royale and shooter games in general, and unstable frame rates can have a very negative effect on both.

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Anyway, if you’re lucky, you may not have been bothered by the frame rate bug in the sixth season of Call Of Duty: Warzone. Let’s try it later, because many people have been able to solve this annoying problem completely through this solution.

It should be noted that this solution is not limited to the sixth season of Call Of Duty: Warzone, and if you do not have this problem at the moment and later with other updates to this game, the unstable frame rate came to you, you can use this solution to solve this problem. .

  1. First of all, keep in mind that Call Of Duty: Warzone should not be running even in the background.
  2. Go to the Documents section of your system.
  3. Enter the Call of Duty Modern Warfare folder.
  4. Open the Players folder.
  5. Open the adv_options.ini file through Notepad ++.
  6. Match the RenderWorkerCount command number to the number of physical cores in your system CPU. (For example, if your system processor is from the ninth generation of the Core i5 series, enter the number 4)
  7. Change the VideoMemoryScale number to 0.75.

Important note: If you still see a bug and firmware problem after going through all these steps, open the adv_options.ini file again and set the VideoMemoryScale command number to 0.8 or 0.7 this time.

As you can see, you can easily fix this annoying problem in Call Of Duty: Warzone.

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