Sony intends to increase the quality of cloud games


Recently, a new invention was patented by Sony, which aims to upgrade the cloud services for the PlayStation.

If you’ve ever used a cloud streaming service like the PlayStation New, you know that lag on this platform is something you have to get used to; But Sony’s new patent, which has just been officially patented, shows that Sony intends to use this new system to eliminate unwanted delays and disturbances in its cloud platform. In the files of this certificate it is written:

The popularity of the cloud network is increasing day by day, and for this reason, the processing and coding capabilities of servers to send higher quality images to users must be improved.

Given that the Xbox is competing with the Game Pass service and the PlayStation is competing with the PlayStation New service in the cloud, it is not surprising that Sony intends to speed up its service with this system. This patent certificate says about how this system works:

Part of this method depends on sending multiple signals to the client device to increase the frame rate and image quality. These signals contain compressed game images that are translated into the image in the user’s system, increasing the frame rate timing and image integrity.

Image of the type of waves in the patent

As most cloud service gamers know, this platform does not require a powerful game processing system, but game images will be sent to the device as internet code and displayed. Due to the internet nature of this service, the possibility of causing delays and disruptions in it is high, and the purpose of this invention is to improve the same conditions for gamers with a weaker Internet. Part of this certificate reads:

The result of implementing this system can be the improvement of the image encoding process, the speed of sending information, the exceptional increase of image quality and the improvement of the overall quality of cloud services for users.

If Sony’s new invention works properly, the PlayStation New service could become the smoothest cloud service on the platform.

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