Subsequent Battlefield games will be available in a shared global format


Electronic Arts has recently announced the design of an interconnected world in the Battlefield series, and it seems that the company intends to expand the franchise.

According to the information provided, apparently Electronic Arts (Electronic ArtsLike Activison did with the Call of Duty series (the annual release of a new version, along with support for Warzone and Call of Duty Mobile), it intends to expand the Battlefield series as much as possible, and this This could include new games from EA sub-studios, including Ripple Effect Studios.

In an interview with GameSpot, Vince Zampella, co-founder of Respawn Entertainment, which now focuses on the Battlefield franchise, explained that their goal is not to replace Battlefield 2042, but to create a “connected Battlefield world.” They have.

Mr. Zampla said:

This is a clear strategy in many ways. We will continue to evolve Battlefield 2042 and discover new types of experiences and business models along the way so that we can add to this base to provide a great set of experiences for our players. In this world, the world is interconnected by common personalities and narratives. This world is also built with our user community; Because we use the power of the portal and user-generated content that puts creativity in the hands of players.


At this point, Battlefield’s connected world plans seem vague, as Electronic Arts appears to be in the early stages of development. It was previously announced that Battlefield Mobile was being developed by Industrial Toys Studios. The studio was founded by Alex Seropian, the former head of Bungie. Electronic Arts recently suggested that a new free Battlefield game be released in the future, although Vince Zampla has not officially confirmed anything.

Also, another game from the Battlefield series is apparently under construction by Ripple Effect Studios, which is actually the former DICE LA. Meanwhile, a new Seattle-based studio founded by Marcus Leto, creator of the Halo series, is working on building the world and storytelling in the Battlefield franchise. Electronic Arts has revealed that each studio is working on a “new experience” in the Battlefield world.

Zampla said at the end:

We want to build a Battlefield world. A world with numerous projects related to the player. We plan to grow Battlefield and meet players who play through a variety of experiences and business models. On the other hand, the Battlefield mobile game, which is being developed by Industrial Toys, will be released next year.

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