Surprise Xbox owners with the release of a scary game


As the Halloween-related event approached, the Xbox surprised its fans with the secret release of an acclaimed horror game.

Undoubtedly, Nintendo Switch is the king of secret game publishing. After the Nintendo platform, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 are in second place in this list. Xbox consoles rarely see the secret release of various games. That’s exactly what the Xbox Series X and S Series platform have achieved today. It looks like a new horror game for the Xbox will be released just days before Halloween. Of course, this is not a completely new game title, and you may have played it on Xbox One before.

SadSquare development studio has thrilled Xbox X series gamers with the release of the trailer for Visage: Enhanced Edition. As you know, games that are secretly released will generally get more attention than ever before. In addition, we are on the eve of Halloween, and the release of a horror effect right near the event will surely make the game visible.

Visage Game for Xbox

Meanwhile, it should be noted that Xbox X series audiences will receive this game before PlayStation 5 gamers. The title will not be released for the PlayStation 5 until November.

If you already have the game on your Xbox One, you can upgrade to the ninth generation Xbox X Series for free. The difference between the Xbox One and Xbox X versions of the game is not significant, but the ninth-generation version of the game will run at 4K at 60 frames per second and will take less time to load.

The official description of the game states:

Visage is a first-person shooter psychological game. Explore a mysterious and ever-changing home in a world of slow speed and terrifying atmosphere that combines both unusually relaxing environments and truly terrifying environments. Enjoy a truly terrifying experience.

During the Visage experience, you are completely defenseless; No weapon can save you from the horrible creatures that chase you from the next corner, in the next or under your feet. You will be able to select key elements, interact with the environment and look for things that may help you escape this nightmare. Of course, this is not the whole story, and some things may even take you deep into that space.

What do you think of GGROLER’s regular companions in this regard? Have you ever played Visage Have you experienced it or not? Share your opinions and experiences in this field with us.

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