The Battlefield series is undergoing a major transformation


Electronic Arts is making major changes to the development structure of the Battlefield series and plans to expand the series following the challenging release of Battlefield 2042.

DICE Studio’s new military shooter game was released last month and has been criticized by gamers and critics for its lack of attractive features from previous versions and numerous bugs. In any case, today Electronic Arts promised that Battlefield will be presented in the future as an interconnected world. They plan to release multiple Battlefield franchise games, which will be developed by several different studios from the US to Europe, in a shared world.

Oscar Gabrielson, one of Dice’s directors, will soon be leaving the studio for new experiences. Following this issue, Vince Zampella from Respawn Studios will now have full influence as the main leader of the Battlefield series. Halo series designer Marcus Lehto, meanwhile, is forming a whole new team in Seattle; His main goal is to inject rich stories into the Battlefield world. Ripple Effect Studios, the creator of the Battlefield 2042 game Portal, is now creating new experiences for the world of this version, in addition to improving this mode.

According to the representative of Electronic Arts to GamespotIn the near future and in the coming weeks, Dice Studios, Ripple Effect and the new Leto team in Seattle will work together to expand and enhance the Battlefield 2042 experience. But in the distant future, the goal is for the aforementioned studios to create a new interconnected world for Battlefield. There are no further details on this issue.

Leto, the person who designed Master Chief and played a key role in shaping Halo, is preparing to start his new studio. The team will work with Dice and Ripple Effect on storytelling, storytelling and character creation.

Battlefield 2042 did not include a storyline for the first time in the series, but it looks like Electronic Arts plans to bring the campaign back in the future. Leto had previously formed the independent studio V1 Interactive, which released the sci-fi shooter game Disintegration. The title could not find an audience, and the studio was shut down. Leto was hired by Electronic Arts earlier this year, but to this day we do not know what responsibility he has taken on.

Byron Beede, the former creator of the Call of Duty series, was hired by Electronic Arts earlier this year. He said in an interview that Seattle Studios, led by Leto, will add to the 2042 version a variety of narrative experiences that we will see in future seasons.

On the other hand, Ripple Effect Studio, the creator of the Portal section in Battlefield 2042, will work on “new experiences” in the world of Battlefield 2042, in addition to supporting this mode.

Zampla also oversees the Battlefield series, in addition to overseeing the Apex Legends service-oriented game and other Respawn Studio projects. Zampla has had great success in the past with Call of Duty and Medal of Honor, and he seems to be the best person for the job.

Zampla pointed out that Electronic Arts intends to expand the Battlefield series on a large scale. To achieve this goal, the first step is to grow productive teams and attract creative forces. Andrew Wilson, president of Electronic Arts, also noted that there is a possibility of developing a free to play game from the Battlefield series in the future.

Lara Mill, CEO of Electronic Arts, issued the following statement on the changes:

We are very lucky to have such passionate fans and I am confident that we will do our best to live up to their expectations. We believe in 2042 and we intend to expand it in the future. As a cohesive team, we will do our best for the Battlefield series. This is one of the most important and valuable franchises in the video game industry. Collectively, we want to reach its maximum potential.

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