The Fable title has been under development for over 4 years


Tom Golton, a senior engineer at Playground Games, recently tweeted about working on Fable for four years.

As you know, Polygrand Games Studio released Forza Horizon 5 on November 9, 2021, but the studio is also working on the title Fable. Introduced at Xbox last year, the game is set to be a relaunch of the classic Lionhead studio franchise.

The details available about this title and its features are currently relatively small. However, it has been confirmed that Anna Megill, the lead author of Control, will be the main author of the story. Also, according to the published list of jobs required by the studio to make this title, the game will be developed using the ForzaTech engine.

A recent tweet from the studio’s chief engineer, Tom Golton, provides information on how long the project has been under development. Celebrating work at the studio for another year, Golton said he has been working on the Fable project at Polygrand Studios for four years now, and they are all very excited to release more details on the title.

Game Fable

We have been working on the development of Fable for 4 years. I am very excited for this game.

This means that the Fable title has been under construction since 2017 (considering the rumors that the title will start developing in early 2018). Keep in mind that 2017 may have actually been the start of pre-production on this title, and the main development process may have started later.

The much-anticipated Fable game is currently slated for release on the Xbox / S Series and PC platforms. Apparently, this title will not be released before 2023 with titles such as Perfect Dark and Avowed. Stay tuned for more details on this title.

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