The Fallout series continues


According to Todd Havard, the Fallout-based series is still in production and has not been canceled.

The news of the production of this series by the creators of the Westworld series was spread on the Internet and the media of the gaming world last year and raised high expectations.

Many fans were released to see more news of the series in the months following its introduction, but despite expectations, from last year until today, no news of the progress of the series or the time of its release to the fans. Did not arrive.

This led many fans to conclude that the production process of this series has stopped. For this reason, one of the users Redit, Asked Mr. Todd Howard, CEO of Bethesda, whether the production process has stopped due to the lack of new news about the series?

In response to this user, Mr. Howard also confirmed the continuation of the production process of this series.

Although Mr. Howard did not share much information in his response, it is encouraging that the production of this series has not been left out; Especially considering the titles that this company is busy making!

The Fallout series will be released on an unspecified date from the Amazon platform.

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