The Gunk game review; Cleaning in space


Sometimes, between big and noisy titles, it is not bad to experience smaller and simpler works and get a little away from the hustle and bustle of big works. Today we have gone to one of these small and at the same time different works.

The Gunk is a short and different adventure in the medium of video games. We take control of a young girl named Rani. A bold, adventurous and curious girl who is always looking for new things and is not afraid of dangers. Together with his friend and colleague Becks, they are a kind of Space Scavenger, and by visiting different and alien planets, they look for anything useful. From a variety of plants and flowers to minerals and of course substances that have energy. The story begins where Rani and Becks land on unknown planets because they have received signals of energy. After a little research, Rani realizes that the planet’s surface, despite being full of life and various substances and, of course, energy, is covered by viscous matter that somehow prevents the life and vitality of the planet’s plants and environment. Is.

This viscous substance is called Gunk and Rani can absorb these toxic substances and clean the environment thanks to its powerful robotic gloves that have extraordinary suction capability. By clearing an area of ​​Gunk, the appearance of that area will change completely, and new plants will grow immediately and green energy will be released into space. Go on an adventure, clear more Gunk and find out the origin of this substance. The story of the game is nothing special and different. The only thing that might be a little thought-provoking is that somehow the game’s story and Gunk’s existence are closely related to the pollution of the planet, especially the oceans. According to the age rating of the game, it seems that the story of the game in general has an educational mode for younger ages.

The whole gameplay of The Gunk is reduced to cleaning the environment from this contaminated substance. Of course, it is true that during the game, you have to solve a series of environmental puzzles, and we also see fleeting platforming sequences, but in general, the gameplay is very simple. This is one of the problems of the game. I think the gameplay could have been a little deeper and more complete and had new elements.

Perhaps combining platforming sequences with clearing Gunk or designing more complex puzzles could help. But the problem here is that the game really has nothing special to offer and we do not see any creativity or innovation.

I need to make a point here. No matter how small, simple or short a game is, this is not a reason to have low expectations of sections such as gameplay or stage design. Because creators can create attractive and quality work in a much smaller format. The Gunk is a fascinating short adventure. But unfortunately, there is nothing special about it, and there is nothing significant in either the gameplay or the story section.

The biggest strength of the game is its artistic graphics. The use of attractive color scheme with a high color spectrum along with the beautiful design of the environments, has made The Gunk game extremely visually pleasing. The technical performance of the game is also acceptable, and except for three cases, I did not see any particular bugs or problems during the game, which is commendable. Show. Unfortunately, The Gunk has not been so successful in this regard. My problem with the game’s soundtrack is that it does not conform to the game’s environment and atmosphere and does not convey the right feeling. Personally, I was surprised by this, but after reviewing again, I came to the conclusion that I can not communicate with the game soundtrack at all.

Closing remarks:

The Gunk can be considered a short adventure. Nothing more and nothing less. Do not expect anything special during the game. However, the experience of this short title may be enjoyable for some people.


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