The Gunk reviews and scores have been released


Simultaneously with the global release of The Gunk, a number of reviews and scores of this work have been published, which we will review below.

The Gunk is a third-person action-adventure game developed by Image & Form Studios and Thunderful. In this title, the players play the role of a character named Rani, who arrives on an alien planet with his friend named Bax. The planet has different biomes such as valleys, forests and caves. However, the planet’s habitats have been destroyed by a black sludge-like parasite called Gunk, which is actively harming the environment and its wildlife.

Rani is equipped with an electric glove that can be used to suck Gunk and effectively recover the environment. Sometimes, players need to fight corrupt monsters. Once Gunk is removed, the wildlife grows and players can use the Rani scanner to scan the environment and learn more.

Below you can see some of the reviews and scores of The Gunk game.

Windows Central: 9/10

The Gunk is a satisfying adventure game that tells the story of two friends to help and save an alien planet. However, this game has its drawbacks. The struggles in this work seem weak, but the good story and its solid process, along with the great enigmatic challenges, help to overshadow the weakness of the struggle.

GameSpew: 8/10

Despite being short, The Gunk experience was great for me. The move of Image & Form Studio towards 3D titles has led to it introducing itself as a talented developer. It can be said that this game is the best work of the mentioned studio to date. The process of The Gunk game is beautiful from the beginning to the end, satisfying and attractive, and it is definitely worth experiencing.

Hobby Consoles: 7.2 / 10

We enjoyed exploring, puzzles and platforming at The Gunk. Image & Form Games Studio offers an exciting adventure on a beautiful planet, but from other aspects such as combat or equipment upgrades, it feels like it has not been worked on well.

GameInformer: 7/10

The Gunk game deserves a bit of criticism and a bit of praise. The connection between the characters keeps the story at a good level, the Goo sucking is surprisingly satisfying, and the mechanism works well. However, it was expected that the game world would be more distinct and better understood. The environment has the potential to become a vibrant world with vibrant colors and extraterrestrial forms; But unfortunately, it does not quite reach that point.

Destructoid: 6/10

There are no major issues with The Gunk. This game works technically well and takes about five hours of your time. But I can not see any real excitement about it. If the game was a little smarter or more challenging, I might be able to see it as a work I can recommend. But the best thing I can say is that this game is great for the Game Pass service.

The Gunk is currently available on Xbox One, Xbox X / S Series, PC as well as Game Pass service.

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