The map of the third chapter of Fortnite game was revealed


Details of the third chapter of Fortnite have not been released, but we know that the second chapter will end soon. Now the picture that probably The map of the chapter will be new, It’s been published.

According to a new Epic Games account tweet, it looks like the Fortnite map will change a lot at the end of the second chapter. Although this tweet attaches a picture of the map of the second chapter, but the text refers to a new world after the fight with the Cube Queen. We will probably see major changes such as the end of the first chapter in 2019. At that time we saw the replacement of the island of Athena with Apollo. On the island of Apollo, fishing, vehicles and unplayable characters were added to Fortnite for the first time.

According to rumors, the new island will be called Artemis. Although the reason for this naming is not clear, it seems that the map of the third chapter has already been revealed.

An outline of the concept of an island was created by a fan named Edmire2k, which is being circulated in cyberspace as a revealed map of the third chapter. Sometimes, in order to circumvent corporate privacy laws, information is drawn up and revealed in theory. This design is also compatible with the Fortnite game world.

This new map contains new locations. Old areas, including Pleasant Park, which has been around for the past 18 seasons, will return with a new look. Tilted Towers, whose return was advertised by Epic two years ago, is also back. Different ecosystems and PUBG-like stairs also make sense. It should be noted that this plan has not been approved and is rumored.

The final event of the second chapter called “The End” will begin December 5, 2021.

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