The new FIFA 22 optimizer makes this game more balanced


Now, the first update Game FIFA 22 It has been released for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms and has added several enhancements and changes to the title.

One of the changes that has a relatively high impact on the gamers ‘experience of the game is the relative improvement of the goalkeepers’ mechanics in this title and the balancing of their behavior with the gamers. Of course, scoring in FIFA 22 is still a difficult task and in many cases it is not possible to easily enter the ball into the goal and in a way many goalkeepers show an exaggerated performance in this title, but with this new optimizer, Electronic Arts ( Electronic Arts) has tried to solve this as much as possible and has made the difficulty of scoring much more balanced than before.

However, the game is still difficult and you can not easily score points in it. If you are already having trouble scoring and scoring in FIFA 22, it is best to practice more beforehand as this optimizer is not meant to make the game easier and has only slightly balanced the goalkeepers’ mechanics to witness exaggerated activities. We are not on their side.

Game FIFA 22

Other changes to the optimizer include new animations when goalkeepers get accurate shots on goal. According to the developers, the purpose of these new animations is actually to make the game more realistic. In addition, by applying this optimizer in sensitive stages and points, the game will be saved. Also, the power of the players’ shots in this title has become more balanced than before, and we will no longer see very exaggerated shots in the game.

Another problem that many gamers objected to was the placement of players in the title when taking corners. That being said, this problem has been completely fixed and we will no longer see bad placement of players in FIFA 22 when taking corners.

This is not the whole story, and many bugs, various errors when playing and game interface problems have been fixed with this optimizer. Also, in addition to all of the above, new songs have been added to the music list of this title.

The FIFA 22 title is available for the Xbox Series X and S Series, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. In addition, users of the Nintendo Switch console can also experience the game in the form of Legacy Edition.

What do you think of ggroler’s regular companions about this game? Have you ever experienced FIFA 22 or not? Share your opinions and experiences in this field with us.

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