The new posters of The Batman movie give a dark feeling


DC (DC) released two new posters from The Batman the day before the DC FanDome event. One shows the Dark Knight and the other the Riddler.

No surprises, tomorrow the new trailer for The Batman will be one of the highlights of the DC event. Over the past week, Daisy and the filmmaker have made numerous references to it and sought to create excitement among fans. Now, in a final move, we see the release of attractive red and black posters that show us the main character and antagonist.

You can see the published posters below:

From the published posters, it is easy to see that the director and writers of the film had a dark and mysterious impression of Batman and Ridler. As the creators promised, we seem to be facing a dark and fascinating narrative.

A few hours ago, Matt Reeves, the director of The Batman, released a picture of Gotham City that caught the attention of the audience.

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