The new Returnal update will likely include a DLC


It seems that Game Returnal It will soon receive a significant update, which will likely include a new add-on package with added storage capability.

The official PlayStation Game Size Twitter account has confirmed that Returnal has received a new update to the built-in beta that is currently only available to developers. However, there is no way to know what this update will actually include, but it has been confirmed that it will be around 6 GB in size.

The sheer volume of this update indicates that Returnal will receive more than just graphical improvements and frame rate stability. Therefore, it is possible that the studio that developed the title, Housemarque, intends to add new content and features to the game.

It should be noted that Housemark Studios announced before the release of the game that there are no plans to release new content and support Returnal after its official release. However, given the great acclaim from critics and gamers alike, it is likely that Hussmark’s position has changed.

New Returnal Update for Game Beta (Developer Available) has been released!

Its size will be about 6 GB.

Possibility of adding new content and features to the game ?!

Game Returnal

Also, so far there have been numerous requests from gamers to add storage options to this title. As you know, the title Returnal is not for the faint of heart at all, and you have to be very patient. Challenging gameplay The game is well developed and you have to have a lot of patience to finish the 50-hour story.

Hosmark has assured that it will constantly listen to the feedback of gamers on this title and will optimize the game based on their interests. Now, the main question is whether we will see the addition of options to make the gaming experience easier or the ability to save as such or not?

Of course, many gamers are satisfied with the difficulty of the title and the challenges they face, and may even be upset to see that the game gets easier by adding features. We have to wait and see what Hosmark will do.

Returnal is currently available exclusively on the PlayStation 5 platform. Also, if you wish, you can watch the video review of Returnal game by Saeed Aghababaei here.

What do you think of GGROLER’s regular companions in this regard? Have you experienced the title Returnal or not? Share your opinions and experiences in this field with us.

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