The physical version of the game is the best-selling on the PlayStation 5


New sales figures for the first 10 months of the PlayStation 5 show that three physical copies were sold for both versions of the digital game.

PlayStation 5 users have shown that they prefer the physical version of games to their digital version; During the first 10 months of the PlayStation 5 console (from November 2020 to August 2021), more than 10 million physical copies of the console-specific titles were sold, contrary to expectations.

This information is taken from last month’s analytical report by Sam Naji at the Global Sales Data seminar in London on PlayStation 5 titles.

The report, which compared the first ten months of physical version sales of PlayStation 5 titles in 23 countries with digital sales in 49 other countries, found that physical version sales were up to 51 percent higher than digital version sales; Of course, this difference has not been the same in all months, for example, in November 2020, we saw the slightest difference between the sale of the physical and digital versions (sales of the physical version were 950,000 copies and sales of the digital version were 840,000 copies).

This statistic shows that as the PlayStation 5 launches, sales of the physical version have increased more than the digital version, for example, in December 2020, 4 digital copies were sold for every 5 physical copies, while During August 2021, we saw the sale of 3 physical copies for every 2 digital copies.

In total, about 14.10 million physical copies have been sold in these ten months, while only 51.7 million digital copies have been sold.

PlayStation 5

Given that sales of digital versions of games are usually higher than sales of physical versions, this difference in sales on the PlayStation 5 is strange; For this reason, Mr. Sam Naji believes that two factors are effective in this change.

The first factor is the $ 70 price of PlayStation 5 games, which makes the audience want to buy a physical version. The second factor is that console owners usually like to have a physical collection of their games next to their new game console, and since there are not many titles released for this one-year console, completing this collection is less expensive.

Apart from this, the ability to sell and lend a physical version is also a clear advantage of this version over the digital version of games, and this issue is probably effective in increasing the sales of the physical version.

Given that the PlayStation 5 console is one year old, we will probably see more information from Sony in the near future.

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