The toughest decisions in the history of video games


Video games are one of the best platforms for storytelling. The biggest difference between this medium and other media is that you are also part of the story in video games. It is you who influence the course of the story with your choices and move it forward. Even in games that are as games Linear They are known. Although you do not play a role in key decisions, you are still not just an audience and you interact with the game environment. The issue of choice has become even more prominent in recent years, and many games allow you to choose the path of your choice to figure out the end of the game as you wish. This both increases the value of repeating the game and makes the audience feel good. Basically, the more we humans play a role in doing something, the more we become dependent on it. The fact that in a game the choices are the responsibility of the audience also makes him more immersed in the game space and more empathetic with the characters of the story. This method is especially effective in narrating story games and doubles the impact of the story. But sometimes these choices are not easy at all and the creators force you to make decisions that hurt your soul. Sometimes these decisions can make you think hard and make you reconsider your answers to the fundamental questions of life. Even this choice can put your mind and feelings at odds and put you in a difficult dilemma. So far, many games have used this method to engage the audience, so I thought to myself that reviewing the toughest decisions in the history of video games can be a fascinating topic for a detailed article!

In this article, we look at games that force us to make tough decisions. Before starting the article I have to warn you dear ones that some key points of the games have been spoiled in this article, so if you are planning to play any of these games, I suggest you do not read the text related to that game.

I will not make any more introductions, this is you and this is the first part of the most difficult decisions in the history of video games!

Fable II

Fable is one of the franchises that has attracted many gamers to Microsoft consoles. The second version of this game, which also received excellent marks from critics, was one of the best games in the series. The End of Fable II is one of the most memorable endings in the history of video games. At the end of this popular game, the creators force you to choose between three options of wealth, love and sacrifice. If you choose wealth, you will be given a million gold coins to spend on whatever you like. This choice seems a bit illogical, as many gamers can earn this amount of money without choosing this prize. The main choice is between love and sacrifice. If you choose love, you will see your family and your beloved dog who were killed in the first game again. If you choose to sacrifice, you sacrifice yourself to bring to life the thousands of innocent people killed by Lucien Fairfax in the game. All that is left for you in this case is a statue and thousands of thank you letters from the people of Albion that will make you feel great. Fable II deserves to be on this list without a doubt, with this difficult choice for gamers.

Life is Strange

When Life is Strange was released, no one expected the name of the game to grow that big. The game’s creators calmly and calmly told a story in five episodes that impressed everyone. Life is Strange was full of difficult and vital choices that kept the audience thinking in alternative ways. But definitely the most critical choice of the game goes back to where the main character of the game, Max, has to choose between saving the people of Arcadia Bay or his friend Chloe. On the one hand, Chloe has always been by your side during the game and has never left you alone, on the other hand, the human conscience says that saving a few hundred people is better than saving only one person. This scene is a clear demonstration of the confrontation between reason and emotion in a video game, and the reason why Life is Strange is on our list.

Resident Evil 7

The most difficult decisions in the history of video games are usually related to the scenes in which the control over the lives and deaths of other people is in your hands. Resident Evil 7 has used exactly the same method to further hurt your soul! If you had to choose between your spouse and someone who has saved your life many times, what would be your choice? When so many strange things happen to you that you no longer know if your spouse is really alive or not, such a choice is not an easy task at all. The choice between the two characters Mia and Zoe in the seventh version of Resident Evil is undoubtedly one of the most difficult choices that can be made for a gamer. This is while no one knows the Resident Evil series with its difficult dilemmas, and this may be your only difficult choice in the whole series. But this is such a difficult choice that Resident Evil 7 deserves to be on this list!

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is one of the best games of Quantum Dream and one of the most memorable story games in history. The story of the game is about a killer named Origami Killer who has taken the child of one of the game’s characters hostage. You play the role of Ethan Mars, who is willing to do anything to save his son from this serial killer. At some point in the game, Origami Killer asks you to go to the house of a drug dealer and kill him. But you will soon find out that he is a father like you and wants to see his children again. On the one hand, you want to see your son again in any way possible, and on the other hand, in order to do that, you have to trample on your humanity and kill someone for no reason. It is safe to say that this is one of the most difficult decisions in the history of video games. Heavy Rain torments you much more than that with its choices, but this scene is probably the most impressive scene in the whole game.

Fallout: New Vegas

Bethesda likes to play with the souls of gamers and put them on difficult dilemmas! The Fallout series is full of these difficult choices that hurt every human conscience! One of the toughest choices in this series is Fallout: New Vegas and the leak of radioactive material in Vault 34. The fact is that the leak of this deadly material has damaged the surrounding fields and left the poor people with nothing to eat. You take responsibility for resolving the issue and go to the source of the leak, Vault 34. But you will soon find out that another group of people are trapped in this shelter, and if you want to stop the leak, they will have no escape and they will all die. On the other hand, if you save them, the leakage of this radioactive material will continue and the food famine outside Vault 34 will intensify. In fact, every decision you make will be to the detriment of a number of the inhabitants of the post-apocalyptic lands of Fallout, but in the end, one person must make the final decision, and that is you!

Saints Row IV

The Saints Row series is one of the coolest series in the history of video games that leaves the audience free to do weird things. Saints Row IV is full of memorable jokes and funny moments, but it also has a seemingly difficult decision to make. In Saints Row IV, you play the role of the President of the United States of America, and at the very beginning of the game, you have to choose between treating cancer or ending world hunger. Of course, since we are on the side of Saints Row, this choice does not have much effect during the game, but without a doubt, many gamers are involved in this choice, for example, vital! It’s kind of interesting to start the game with a fundamental decision.

Ghost of Tsushima

Sony’s well-made monopoly, which was launched last year, also makes a very difficult decision for the audience. You play Jane Sakai, a skilled and young samurai who wants to drive the Mongol looters out of his homeland. He is willing to do anything about it, but Jane’s uncle, who is also his teacher, asks him to fight the enemies only face to face and not to break the samurai tradition. Despite her love for her uncle, Jane disobeys her orders to save her people. This causes the central government to issue a death sentence for Jane and her uncle to carry out the execution. Since the execution of a samurai must be done through a duel, after a hard and breathtaking duel, Jane manages to defeat her uncle. But the game leaves the final choice to you. Do you kill your uncle after a duel to die with honor and dignity like a real samurai, or do you avoid it and let the person who took care of you from childhood survive?

Spec Ops: The Line

One of the scariest scenes I’ve ever seen in a video game is Spec Ops: The Line. The generalities of this game are about the ugliness and bad effects of war, and he has acted very masterfully in conveying this concept. In the Spec Ops: The Line section, you are given the option to use white phosphorus to burn the area where enemy troops are stationed. This choice does not seem scary at first, because you know that if you do not kill them, they will come to you. But you are shocked to learn that there were no soldiers in the area and that ordinary people lived there. The game forces you to go through the burnt corpses of ordinary people, and even shows you the heartbreaking scene of a child perishing in the arms of its mother, so that you hate all that war and weapons of war.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead

The members of the closed Telltale Master Studio were there to make you make difficult decisions. In all four seasons of the game, there are very difficult decisions that can be made from a separate list, but there is a scene that affects even the most ruthless people. You probably know which scene I’m talking about. You play Lee Everett, who, despite his bitter past, is a kind and compassionate human being. He becomes a father to Clementine, a little girl who lost her parents in the aftermath of the game, and tries to acquaint her with the realities of the world around her while protecting her. In the final episode of the first season of the game, a zombie bites Lee’s hand and infects him. Lee asks Clementine to shoot him so he doesn’t turn into a zombie. But is it easy to kill someone you love throughout the game? The game leaves you with the choice of the end of the game. Will you kill Lee so that he never becomes a moving corpse, or will you not be able to do so and leave him with a heart full of sorrow? This is one of the saddest decisions in the history of games that has made many gamers cry.

We’ll end this part here, but in the next part, we’ll look at more games. Which games do you want to see in the next part of the article? What do you think about this list? I am waiting for your comments.

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