The Trilogy has occurred


It seems that the bad news for the remake project of three popular GTA titles, or Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, is not over.

GTA: Trilogy is in a very bad state right now; From executive problems of personal computers to audience dissatisfaction with the graphic design of the characters. Aside from all this, fans have recently noticed changes and bugs in the title environment. Although the bugs mentioned are small, their presence is by no means a good sign.

GTA: The Trilogy
The highly anticipated title of GTA: The Trilogy has been critically acclaimed by fans and has now received an unfortunate 6 out of 100 rating from its audience.

Apart from the changes that were made to the game for political reasons, such as the removal of the Confederate Flag, one of the mentioned changes includes the following:

  • In GTA Vice City, there is a shop called Shaft Hot Dog; The motto of this shop in the main game was “The Taste of a Man’s Meat”. But now in the remastered version, the slogan has become “The Taste of a Man’s Heat.”

Although this change may seem small, some gamers on Twitter believe that such changes are a very bad omen and are only due to the improper and untested use of artificial intelligence to improve quality. One of the same game makers in Your Twitter page Wrote:

Unbearably, such changes in the text of the game textures are a sign that the game development studio has used artificial intelligence to improve the quality of the textures instead of recreating them, and has not even bothered to compare the results with the original textures. This has led to the destruction of many small jokes in the game world and many Easter Eggs.

Rockstar has not yet commented on the criticism from fans, so stay tuned for more news on the GGROLER website.

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