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The online part of Grand Theft Auto V game has hosted a lot of creative material in recent years, and in the following, we will introduce the top ten materials of GTA V Online.

Thanks to the creators, gamers can experience GTA V Online in new, different and, of course, strange ways. Some of the gamers of this title, who benefit from high-powered and powerful systems, can dramatically increase the visual quality of the game by installing graphic materials, and others will be able to add new characters and maps to it.

But the fact that hundreds of different materials are now available in the online part of GTA V can confuse gamers to a great extent. Following this topic, we have decided to introduce the top ten items of Grand Theft Auto V in the form of an article.

First of all, it is interesting to know that making media for GTA Online is much easier than you think. In fact, it is enough to follow a few simple steps to build the material for this game. Of course, Rockstar (Rockstar) Always tries not to let the unconventional content that affects the gaming experience of others in the online section of Grand Theft Auto V reach the media. Also, the accounts of people who try to create content outside of Rockstar rules will be blocked by the company immediately and their access to the game will be blocked forever.

How to add Media to GTA Online?

There are currently several programs and ways to build and add content to GTA Online, but gamers mostly use a few special programs. It is recommended that you back up all GTA V game files before adding any media to your game, and then select one of the Madding programs to add media to the game. Some of the best programs to add media to GTA Online are ScripthookV, OpenIV, ScriptHookVDotNet and Rage Plugin Hook.

After installing one of the above programs, it is time to download the articles. You can also use various sites for this purpose, including GTA5-Mods. After downloading the items, you can use the media installation program to add them to GTA V game.

10: Bank Robberies

Creator: FelixTheBlackCat

Installing Bank Robberies in GTA Online allows gamers to steal from multiple banks in the game map. Robbery from any bank will add a certain amount of money to gamers’ accounts, which can range from twenty thousand to twenty million dollars. Of course, bank robbery will be considered a criminal activity and you will be prosecuted by the police.

In addition, it provides the ability to steal from ATMs. ATM theft can add between $ 500,000 and $ 11,000 to your account.

9: LSPD First Responders

Of course, many GTA gamers experience this game because of the freedom of action it gives them in the field of crime. But installing a medium that puts gamers in the role of a good cop can not be without merit. By installing LSPD First Responders, you can take on the role of a member of the LSPD or the Los Santos Police Department. In this case, you will be assigned new tasks such as arresting thieves and discovering drugs, and you will gain freedom of routine police operations such as shooting.

It is interesting to know that by installing this material, you can also interact with the game NPCs as a police.

8: Iron Man Armor

Designed by Brazilian user Julio Nib, this popular and popular medium allows gamers to fly over the city of Los Santos as an Iron Man (or even anti-hero) character as an Iron Man character. This armor is equipped with many weapons such as laser beam, machine gun and pulse cannon that you can use to destroy your enemies.

On the other hand, by accessing the latest level of Iron Man skills, you can also gain the ability to overturn cars.

7: Funny Vehicles

This material adds several strange and interesting vehicles to GTA Online. The installation of this material allows gamers to use these machines in the style of science fiction movies in the city of Los Santos. Also, some of the vehicles that are added to the game by this material are capable of flying.

6: Vice City Expansion

Vice City Expansion Media has attracted the attention of many gamers of this game since its release, and many people have sent requests to officially add it to GTA V Online to Rockstar. Designed by a user called Lunchxbles, it adds a lively, 80s-inspired Vice City world to the game.

In addition, it even includes a variety of random scenarios to provide gamers with interesting content.

5: Go To Prison

Marhex has added a feature to GTA Online that allows you to have full experience of arrest, transfer to prison and trial instead of being killed by police. It is interesting to note that if you do not have sufficient financial resources to pay the fine, you can arbitrarily post bail in court and be released from prison.

Of course, in addition to paying a court-imposed fine or bail, one can try to escape by plotting a prison riot.

4: Carmageddon

The city of Los Santos has always been known for its heavy traffic and high number of cars, and this can occasionally be a problem for gamers who are usually fleeing in their cars. Of course, a user named Kanersps has come up with a solution to this issue. By installing Carmageddon, the cars around you will automatically explode and you will see the path open in front of you.

It also affects police cars and you can get rid of them.

3: Open All Interiors

One of the worst and most annoying things about GTA games is that they can not be entered despite the presence of various skyscrapers and numerous buildings. Fortunately, a user called NewTheft has created a material that allows gamers to enter most of the buildings in Los Santos.

Also, some of these buildings use elevators and can be entered on different floors. This material even puts various items to collect inside some buildings.

2: Mobile Radio

Walking the streets of Los Santos without playing any music can be a bit tedious. In addition, the state of California and its cities are always known for the music that is constantly played throughout the city. But thanks to a user called XMOD, gamers can add a portable radio to the game character’s available tools to access different music and radio networks anywhere, anytime.

1: Just Cause Grappling Hook

Sometimes messing up the city with light and heavy weapons can be repetitive and tedious in GTA Online. For this reason, many gamers turn to materials that add new weapons to the game with unique features. One of these weapons is the famous Just Cause hook, which is added to the game by a material called Just Cause Grappling Hook. This material allows gamers to use this weapon to navigate the route and even catch police helicopters.

What other material do you introduce to gamers interested in the online part of Grand Theft Auto V?

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