Top 10 Weapons of First Person Shooter Games


First person shooter style can be considered as one of the most important styles of video games. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 10 FPS titles.

In recent years, the style of shooter or first-person shooter has always hosted some of the most important, popular and original video game series in history, and in this article we will introduce you to the top 10 weapons among these works.

It does not matter how good the story or characters of the first person shooter titles are, because these games can never engage gamers without exciting gameplay, weapons with great physics and high performance. Titles such as DOOM and Wolfenstein from Bethesda (Bethesda), The Call of Duty series from Activision, the Battlefield series from Electronic Arts, and the Halo works from Microsoft can be considered as iconic first-person shooter games.

One of the reasons that these series have performed so well in recent years and have been so well received by gamers is the weapons they provide to their audiences. We have now taken on the task of ranking the top 10 guns in the history of first-person shooter titles.

Symbolic weapons of first-person shooter games

Before we get to the main list of the top ten first-person shooter weapons, we want to introduce you to three weapons that, for whatever reason, are not on this list but are known as symbolic weapons of video games. Consider these honorary weapons.

Battlefield – XM8

Battlefield: Bad Company enthusiasts have probably spent many hours with the XM8 rifle. This is a powerful and accurate weapon, and its very good balance makes it a symbolic weapon in first-person shooter titles.

Fallout – Fat Man

The Fallout series is not, of course, a first-person shooter, and its core is based on the free-to-play role-playing style. However, Fallout 3 is somewhat reminiscent of first-person shooter titles, allowing gamers to use a weapon called Fat Man. This weapon fired small atomic bombs and its design was very interesting.

Call of Duty – Akimbo Model 1887

If Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 had not received a hated upgrade at the time and this weapon had not been removed, the Akimbo Model 1887 would have been on our main list. This weapon contained a strange power and in the shortest possible time became one of the most popular weapons of gamers in the game.

Ranking of the top ten guns in first person shooter games

10. Half-Life – Gravity Gun

Valve’s inimitable game Half-Life 2, which we literally looked forward to releasing in its third installment, hosted one of the most innovative weapons and one of the most amazingly designed physics in the history of the video game industry.

A prime example was the weapon that controlled gravity. Gravity Gun could lift almost any device and throw it at enemies with incredible force. If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position.

9. DOOM – Super Shotgun

Id Software Studio succeeded in creating games as a sequel to the DOOM series, which, while maintaining a sense of nostalgia for the classic works of the series, also bring stunning visual graphics and exciting gameplay.

The titles of this series always host a number of weapons, many of which can be included in this list, but one of the most iconic weapons in the video game industry belongs to DOOM II; The weapon we know as Super Shotgun. This weapon is very popular because of its unique physics and the amount of damage it does.

Serious Sam – Cannon .8

Serious Sam titles have always been known as a symbol of chaos in the video game industry. In the games of this series, which ironically have countless fans in our country, groups of different enemies attack the main character of the game at the same time, and it is really a pleasure to break them into pieces with the game’s numerous weapons.

Gamers in this game can find different and attractive weapons and enjoy shooting with them. In the meantime, however, a gun called the Cannon was more popular than any other. This weapon is literally a cannon that was probably detached from the deck of a pirate ship. With this weapon, the most stubborn enemies can be defeated with two shots, and in the fight against the bosses, a special account can be opened on it.

7. Counter-Strike – AWP

The fact that many Kanter game servers have banned the use of the AWP weapon is indicative of its high power, visibility and range. In fact, when you hold this gun, you will monitor every movement and you can kill it with a single bullet.

In fact, many weapons can be used to kill enemies with a single bullet in the head, but AWP weapons go beyond the set limits. In CS: Source, you could kill enemies by hitting them on any part of the body.

6. Call of Duty – Ray Gun

Ray Gun became one of the most important weapons in the series thanks to the introduction of zombie mode in Call of Duty: World At War in 2008.

Before the addition of weird and unique zombie weapons in Call of Duty games, gamers have always aimed to grab Ray Gun, Pack-A-Punch it, and while firing the button Have pressed to take a short nap; Because this weapon automatically kills all the zombies. Gamers have always wanted such weapons in newer Call of Duty games.

5. Halo – Energy Sword

Video games are not just about firearms, but Halo showed us that you can go to war with cannons and guns. The Energy Sword weapon itself can be more dangerous than any other weapon and is easily on our list.

This weapon is a glowing sword with a scary and attractive appearance that kills enemies in a few blows. If one of the people in the Halo title lobby masters the weapon’s abilities, the rest of the gamers will have a hard time defeating it. This weapon is the only cold weapon on our list.

4. Call of Duty – ACR

Although Call of Duty 4 is the core of the online modes of the Call of Duty series and generally a huge number of multiplayer modes in first-person shooter games, Modern Warfare 2 has matured and evolved.

If you are lucky enough to have experienced Modern Warfare 2 at the time of its release, you have no doubt used the ACR weapon many times. This weapon was suitable for almost all gamers with any style of game. The sound, physics, power and range of this great weapon did not matter. These factors make this weapon one of the best first-person shooter weapons.

3. Goldeneye – Golden Gun

If one of your Goldeneye rivals wins a Golden Eye weapon, you have to try all the strategies to defeat him.

This weapon is considered to be one of the best weapons in the first person shooter titles that were available to gamers in the multiplayer part of the legendary Goldeneye game. When one of the gamers took up arms, the other gamers became terribly anxious, which made the game more dynamic.

2. Halo – Battle Rifle

Halo is so big and popular that it alone hosts two guns on our list. This game hosted another memorable and popular weapon that its owners could easily kill a large number of gamers.

This weapon may not have some of the deadly features that other weapons on this list have, but there are some things, such as the MasterChip proprietary weapon that set the Battle Rifle apart. Thus, after the popularity of the multiplayer Halo title on the Xbox 360 console in the mid-2000s, this weapon became one of the most important weapons in first-person shooter games.


First person shooter

The BFG weapon, whose full name you can see on the Internet, alone can occupy several ranks in our list. This weapon can be considered the most important and powerful weapon in first person shooter games.

Despite its name, BFG is not very big, but the reason for this name is its ability to kill enemies. By pressing the trigger of the gun, a giant cannon is emitted from the explosive plasma, which acts basically as a nuclear weapon and destroys any enemy around you. It should be noted that there was an updated version of this weapon in DOOM 2016, which shows the importance and popularity of BFG among fans.

The above weapons are considered to be the top weapons of first-person shooter games in our opinion. Which other weapons do you think could be on our list?

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