Tribute to the top designers of the gaming industry on the 20th anniversary of Ico


Recently, some of the great designers of the gaming industry have paid tribute to this work on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the release of the Ico title in Japan.

In the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Famitsu, in honor of a number of famous designers in the gaming industry as Ico Is mentioned. In this article, Neil Druckmann, co-founder of Nate Dogg Studios, states that Ico is his favorite game in history, calling it a “true masterpiece in the history of video games.”

Mr. Drakeman said of the Ico game:

The central mechanism and design of the puzzles creates a sense of connection that can only be experienced in a video game. The beautiful and shocking narrative gives rich backgrounds to the game systems and creates a deeply emotional experience.

Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai also noted that he and Ico creator Fumito Ueda are the same age:

My game Super Smash Bros Melee was released on November 21 of that year (2001), so we were born very close.

Ico is a title that shows a view of the world from a high place that is prominent and obvious to people who do not look inward from the outside. This is contrary to the style of play of Kirby and Smash Bros. I have described the game as “low hills and wide squares”.

It is a fact that each person encounters a different path that makes it valuable. We support Mr. Oeda and the staff who believe in him and follow him to create a unique work.

Game Ico

Suda 51, the creator of the No More Heroes series, praises Ico’s unique style of play, in which Eco and Yurda characters have to sit together on a stone sofa to save the game. He went on to say that this method inspired him to save the game in the toilet in the series No More Heroes. Soda said about this:

Not a good sofa? It is soft and comfortable and when two people sit there, it saves in the game. In the days when auto-save in games was still a luxury, I considered Oeda my competitor to create such a unique storage point.

I decided to create a new storage point that would look good on the sofa. So by joining the toilet, I joined the ranks of chair-based save game designers like Ueda-san. One day I want to borrow a safe sofa, so if you want to use the toilet safe, do not hesitate!

Tetris Effect and Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi recalls that Ico was the first title he experienced after completing Rez.

I can still vividly remember sitting at my empty desk at the end of the year holding my daughter’s hand and feeling strangely immersed in the game. I sympathized with that strong sense of writing as a creator I lived in at the time, and that was very encouraging.

Leading Hollywood director Guillermo del Toro paid tribute to Ico in this article, explaining what he thought was the main message of the game.

The games are made by Oeda, thanks to the world that draws you in, they remind you of spiritual elements, adventures and values ​​such as love and goodness, and create a unique feeling.

The designs in the works highlight the story and the ideas behind it, and highlight the importance of the protagonists. Brightly crafted, well-polished and well-lit, the scenes in this work reflect important thoughts, emotional connections, and wonderful sparks.

Oeda’s interest is not in the player winning or losing, but in the important thoughts that are tested and inspire the game experience.

Ico is an extraordinary journey into a world created by the senses of light, stories and cartoons created over the centuries by de Chirico’s paintings. But this journey also teaches us that the reason for our presence in this world, whether it is a game or a reality, is to save our friends.

Ico, created by Team Ico Studios, is an action-adventure game that was first released in September 2001 in North America and then in December of that year in Japan for the PlayStation 2 console.

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