Ubisoft registered a new trademark of the Splinter Cell franchise


In line with various rumors that have been circulating in the past few weeks, it is now clear that Ubisoft New trademark of the Splinter Cell franchise Has registered.

This trademark was registered on 15 December of this year (December 6, 2021) as a subset of Section 41, which is related to entertainment services. You can read the description of section 41 at the bottom:

Any video game that is released globally or locally, any television program in the genre of drama, live action and animation that is broadcast on satellite or cable, any video program that includes live broadcasts and the presence of participants, and any moving image or The live performance of the theater is in section 41.

Two months ago, the prestigious VGC website announced that an AAA title from the Splinter Cell franchise was under construction. Late last week, Tom Henderson, a video game journalist, gave more details about the game. Mr. Henderson announced that this game will be a free world.

Mr. Henderson said:

This new game will have stealth elements similar to the Assassin’s Creed franchise and is similar to Halo Infinite in terms of being free.

Last year, Ubisoft registered a Splinter Cell-related trademark that thrilled fans, but turned out to be related to a clothing line. The new trademark, on the other hand, belongs to a video game or a series. It will be on TV.

Note that, contrary to rumors, this new brand may refer to an animated series for Netflix or a VR title. Finally, it should be noted that Ubisoft has not announced any official news about this new trademark, and we will let you know if any more information is released.

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