What enemies will Ragnarok face?


Game series God of War They have always been known as epic bass fights, in the 2018 version we saw less bass, but Ragnarok will definitely make up for the low bass of the previous version.

In the previous episode, God of War (2018), for reasons such as the development of a new graphics engine or the creation of new elements for a title that had a different style and context from the previous trilogy, Santa Monica Studio failed to build and design various basses. But this time, given the different circumstances of God of War: Ragnarok, we expect to see more diverse and challenging basses. In this article, we are going to examine the basics that we may see in God of War: Ragnarok.

The text that you will read below includes story spoilers from God of War 2018.


God of War

Kratos inevitably kills Balder at the end of God of War (2018) to save Fria’s life, but this does not seem to be a good excuse for Fria and he still hates Kritos and Atreus. According to the events of the previous game, we will not see a peaceful and kind cry in Ragnarok, because Freya, as the queen of the Valkyries, managed to break her spell and regain her warlike spirit.

Freya’s presence as a boss fight seems certain, but it is unlikely that the style of her fights will be similar to other God of War valkyries (2018), because she is the queen of Valkyries and we expect her boss fights to be more challenging than Valkyries in God. of War (2018).


God of War

If Kratos intends to fight the Aseir gods in Azgard in God of War: Ragnarok, the first person to face him will be the guardian of Azgard’s gate, Heimdall. According to Norse legends, Heimdal and Loki are killed in battle with each other, but since the God of War series has always been a free adaptation of myth, Atreus is unlikely to be killed by Heimdal, but his fight with Atreus and Cretus is very likely. .


God of War

Due to the secret ending of God of War (2018), before the gameplay and characters of this work were unveiled, the audience of this title was convinced of the presence of Thor as one of the main characters in God of War: Ragnarok. Kratos’s fight with Thor seems to be very exciting and we expect Thor to be present in most parts of God of War: Ragnarok.

Ragnar Lothrok

God of War

Cretus has many and varied enemies, but not all of them are mythical gods and creatures. Some of Cretus’ enemies have less power than the mythical gods and creatures, and appear more ordinary but challenging. Barbarian King and Persios in God of War 2 are good examples of ordinary human enemies of Cretus. Given this, why shouldn’t Kratos face such an enemy in God of War: Ragnarok?

Ragnar Lothrok is the name of a Viking who is well known in Norse mythology, since Kratos will be a threat to Azgard, Odin may use this warrior as a way to defeat Kritos.


God of War

Remember the dark and light alphabets in God of War (2018)? Cretus and Atreus were not interested in interfering in the battle of the two, but inevitably clashed with the dark elves, and when one of their commanders defeated them, they realized that a big mistake had been made by them.

According to Norse mythology, Freya’s brother, Freer, has a direct connection to the light elves, and since the battle of the light and dark elves is not over and Cretus is involved in the battles, the confrontation between Cretus and Freer does not seem far-fetched.


God of War

Based on the story of Ragnarok in Norse mythology and the information we saw in God of War (2018), Surtur will play a key and very important role in the story of God of War: Ragnarok. Serter is the name of a giant who razed Azgard to the ground in the battle of Ragnarok.

Kratos’ main goal will be to fight the Aseir‌s and he has had a good relationship with the Jutans so far. However, it is not unlikely that these relations will break down and the two will fight with each other. Remember the Titans’ betrayal of Cretus in the third part of God of War?


God of War

If you have completed God of War (2018) side missions, in one of these missions you will meet a dwarf who has turned into a dragon and is stuck in a place. At the end of that mission, you manage to release Fenfir, and now it seems that this dragon is wandering in the game world. It is possible that in God of War: Ragnarok, like the previous game in which we fought a dragon, we will also encounter Ffnir.


God of War

Odin in the games of God of War (2018) and God of War: Ragnarok is Zeus in the old trilogy of this series. The battle of Cretus and Atreus with Odin in this part as the final bass is definite and the design of this bass may be similar to Zeus in the second and third parts.


God of War

Hraesvelgr (the same giant bird in Hell) was supposed to be a boss fight in God of War (2018), but due to lack of time, the fight against this giant bird was removed from God of War (2018). شد. Now that the God of War: Ragnarok development team is not busy building the developer engine and designing completely new elements, this is a good opportunity for the bird to appear in God of War: Ragnarok as a boss fight.


God of War

Atreus ‘presence on this list may seem a bit illogical, but his character is portrayed in exactly the opposite direction to Cretus, and his morals are similar to Cretus’ youth. Atreus expects Cretus to behave aggressively and to intervene in any battle he goes through; Even in the trailer, we see that Atreus asks Cretus to change his paternalistic mindset and think a little like a general. A request that is quickly rejected by Kritos.

Atreus and Cretus have many differences, and since Atreus is no longer a boy unlike the previous part, these differences may be a little more serious than the verbal disputes in the previous version. The developers of God of War: Ragnarok have announced a surprising yet inevitable end. Could it be that the killing of Atreus by Cretus is the end?

Concluding remarks

All the letters you saw in this article were based on the author’s conjectures and the content we saw in previous games, maybe Santa Monica Studios has a completely different perspective and surprises us all. You have to wait until the game is released to get a definite answer.

What do you think of GGROLER’s regular companions? Do you agree with what was shared with you? What other characters could be in this article? We are also waiting for your comments.

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