What is the connection between the black market and digital currencies?


If you work in the field of digital currencies, you may have read on various sites that are closely related to the black market. Many have offered various explanations for this undeniable relationship.

In this article, we are going to give you some details about the relationship between the black market and digital currencies that you have never heard of.

Introducing the black market

Before use Cocaine signal You should know that there are some currencies that are widely used in the black market or the Dark Web. But first it is better to know the black market better.

Many ordinary people think that the black market is only related to drug trafficking, arms sales and many similar activities. But this is not the case and this market is beyond your imagination.

If you go to Investopedia, you will find that according to the definition of the black market on this site, governments have control and control over various channels. But there are a number of economic activities that took place outside of these channels. These economic activities are called the black market.

Apart from the fact that some of these activities are prohibited in the judiciary, they are mostly done in order to evade paying taxes on the black market. Of course, there is a difference between these activities, which took place on a large scale, and the day-to-day work for which you do not pay taxes.

The worst and darkest things that can be done on the black market these days are:

  • Prostitution
  • Production and sale of counterfeit and non-genuine drugs
  • Production and sale of counterfeit electronics
  • Selling drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin and others
  • Forgery of documents
  • Buying and selling body parts

If the contents of a digital currency training package and By-bit training Check, you will notice the names of currencies like Monroe that are untraceable and are usually used for the above tasks.

What is the relationship between the black market and digital currencies?

In the digital currency market, it is possible for users to conduct transactions anonymously or securely.

Digital currencies have tried to develop the software that holds the identity of individuals and provide it to users for free. Because these softwares help to make transactions take place outside the control and control of the government.

The number of black markets on the Dark Web is increasing day by day, and if we want to name the most famous of them, we must mention the Silk Road, which was known by the English phrase The Silk Road.

But Silk Road was not the only black market in this environment (because, as you know, its manager was arrested). The following is a list of dark sites on the Dark Web that date back to before the invention of Bitcoin and are mostly related to the production, sale and purchase of drugs by buying currencies that you can buy after training by bitcoin ( Of course, we hope you will use these currencies for legal action).

  • The Farmer’s Market
  • The CyberArms Bazzar
  • The Hive

It should also be noted that it did not take long for these black markets to be identified and shut down by international and national law enforcement agencies, and the reason for this is nothing but the ability to track financial transactions online.

Ever since Bitcoin was invented, people have become more aware of the Dark Web environment as well as the digital currency market, and illegal online services have intensified.

Statistics show that the purchase and sale of drugs, the production and distribution of counterfeit drugs in the market, the publication of articles in various media online and offline, and the like, developed after the invention of bitcoin in cyberspace.

The story begins when, in 2011, the Gawker site published an article, and then, due to the increase in bitcoin-related searches and the digital currency market on Google, the price of bitcoin over a 7-day period ranged from $ 10 to $ 30. The dollar rose.

This led to the collapse of black markets such as Silk Road. When Ross Ulbricht, the director of Silk Road, was arrested, they realized that the transactions were not as anonymous as they were supposed to be, and that the identities of those who worked on the Dark Web could be revealed.

Many digital currencies are now proud to mention their security features, such as privacy, and promise users that authentication will not be possible. Here are some of these digital currencies:

  • Zcash
  • PIVX
  • Monero
  • Dash
  • CloakCoin

You can learn more about these currencies by participating in a digital currency course and bypass training and receiving the cocaine signal.

What currency has the most dominance over the black market?

Now that you understand the relationship between the black market and digital currencies, it is good to know that the dollar has the most dominance on the black market.

Of course, in recent years, several studies have been conducted, each of which has presented different results due to the different sources of information.

Researchers in one of these studies have found that out of 100% of bitcoin transactions, about 44% of them are dedicated to illegal transactions. So it is normal for many people to dedicate cocaine to illegal activities after receiving the signal and buying bitcoin.

But you should know that the FBI has confirmed, according to credible intelligence sources, that cryptocurrencies in the digital currency market are mostly used for legal activities and transactions, and only 10% of these activities will be illegal.

To better understand this, it is good to know that according to available statistics, the value of transactions that took place on the black market this year with the help of digital currencies, reaches $ 150 billion. Of course, this is a small amount compared to the total black market value mentioned at the beginning of the text, which amounted to $ 1.63 trillion.

As a result, it can be said that most of the money traded on the black market is fiat, like the dollar, euro and other paper currencies.

Tumblr’s role in the black market

To know how to use digital currencies on the black market and cover your footprints, it is better to know the role of Tumblr. Tumblr is originally known as a cleansing service and plays a major role in eliminating contaminated currencies. The service integrates contaminated currencies and clean currency pools for a fee. By doing so, Tumblr will somehow lead to the loss of contaminated currencies.

You may ask, what is a contaminated currency? In answer to this question, we must say that currencies that have been stolen or obtained illegally are called contaminated currencies, the opposite of which are clean and completely legal currencies.

As a result, it can be said that a large part of the low impact of the black market on digital currencies is the existence of this cleansing service.

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