What will be Hideo Kojima’s next game?


What will be Hideo Kojima’s next game? In this article, we are going to review all the possibilities and rumors about Hideo Kojima’s next game.

Next game Hideo Kojima what will be? No one can question the art and talent of one of the greatest game makers in the history of the gaming industry. Yes, Hideo Kojima has repeatedly shown his talent in acting with unparalleled abilities. It has been more than two years since the release of this popular director’s latest product, and fans are eagerly waiting for the introduction of his next project. In this article, we are going to review all the possibilities and rumors of Hideo Kojima’s next game. Stay tuned to GGROLER and the rest of this article…

Simply put, Hideo Kojima is a talented creator. He started his career in the gaming industry in 1986 and worked for Konami until 2015. When Kojima first introduced Death Stranding, we were all confident that we would have a special and unique effect. Death Stranding was different from all the previous compositions of this famous Japanese game maker. While Kojima has repeatedly shown off his directing and storytelling prowess in stealth and action-adventure games, fans have been eager to see him perform in Death Stranding.

Kojima had previously been involved with the Metal Gear series, and this was the first new ip he was working on. Finally, Death Stranding was released and divided the fans of this game into two categories. A group of gamers described the game as the opposite of the word entertainment, and were dissatisfied with the game’s storytelling style. Some groups also enjoyed Death Stranding and called it one of the best games of their lives. Death Stranding Whatever it was, it showed off Hideo Kojima’s courage in taking risks and implementing new ideas.

Since the release of this game until today, no information has been heard about the next project of Kojima Productions studio. According to Hideo Kojima, the initial groundwork for the company’s next game began shortly after the release of Death Stranding. It has been more than two years since the release of the latest product of this game maker and it seems that we are approaching the introduction of the next product of Kojima Productions studio.

If you have been following the news, you must be aware of the various rumors that are circulating around the unannounced game of Kojima. The first rumor I heard about Hideo Kojima’s next game was shocking. About six months ago, Venture Beat, written by Jeff Grubb, announced the creation of a Kojima-exclusive game for the Xbox ecosystem.

This news was surprising to the fans of this game maker in several ways. No one can deny the long-term cooperation of this game maker with Sony’s game development department. Kojima has had several collaborations with PlayStation in the history of making exclusive games. From Metal Gear Solid 4, which has yet to be released for a platform other than the PS3, to Death Stranding, which was the exclusive console for the PS4.

After Phil Spencer took over as head of Xbox gaming studios, Microsoft has shifted its focus to the Eastern market. The company became more involved with Japanese gamers and studios, and even Microsoft acquired a Japanese studio called Tango Gameworks. All of this makes it reasonable for Kojima to work with Xbox, at least from Microsoft. Of course, when Jeff Grubb broke the news, he only announced the start of negotiations between the game maker and the Xbox bosses, and did not announce anything final.

One of the highlights of the rumor was that Hideo Kojima plans to develop a cloud-based game for the Xbox. Cloud is a cloud-based streaming mechanism that allows gamers to build anything without restrictions. In fact, running the game on the cloud does not put any pressure on the hardware. Microsoft has already started investing in the cloud, and the effects are clearly visible. Players can now purchase the Game Pass service to experience all the games on the service via their mobile phones and the Internet.

We all know Hideo Kojima with a spirit of ambition and inexhaustible passion. Since Cloud can open Kojima’s hand to make a shocking title, his collaboration with Microsoft can be justified. The rumors continued until Nick Baker, one of the hosts of the Xbox raEra podcast, claimed that Kojima’s game would not be a new ip for Microsoft. However, he stressed that he does not know whether this ip is an Xbox-owned title or a sequel to a three-party project.

Since then, no information or rumors have been released to confirm this news. This made some people think that this news was just a rumor and that we are not going to see Kojima cooperate with Microsoft. It was also reported that Kojima initially approached Sony to make his next game, but was rejected by Jim Ryan and the company’s executives. It turns out that only the passage of time can confirm the truth or falsity of this rumor, and until the official introduction of this game, we can not cite contradictory news.

We all remember the playable demo of Silent Hills, abbreviated PT. A reboot of the franchise that put Kojima in the role of director of a horror game for the first time. Although the project was canceled by Konami, it was able to gain countless fans around the world with the same demo. Although the game was never complete, with the same low content, it was able to inspire dozens of scary games. Over the past two years, an interview with Junji Ito was published that fueled rumors that Kojima was making a horror game. One of the most famous creators of horror manga, he announced that he was talking to Hideo Kojima to develop a horror game.

Of course, he used the word “maybe” in his interview, which means that Kojima was probably not sure about the subject and style of his next game. Hideo Kojima has repeatedly spoken of his interest in making a horror game after the cancellation of Silent Hills; Therefore, it is not at all unlikely that he will one day enter such a genre. Some people think that this horror game will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console and will be released for PC after a while. There were rumors that Kojima was working on a scary project for Stadia, but with the cancellation of all exclusive games on the platform, Kojima’s game fell victim.

We are all waiting for the introduction of a horror game by Kojima Productions; Has this game been introduced under our eyes for a long time? You’ve probably all heard of the Abandoned project. A new horror game that will be released exclusively for PlayStation 5. The game is being created by a newly established Dutch studio called Blue Box Games. The game follows from a first-person perspective and tells the mysterious and enigmatic story of a man named Jason Longfield. From the very first introduction of the game, trailers and virtual activities of the game developer, fans found many signs of Hideo Kojima in this project.

Abandoned is directed and produced by Hassan Kahraman, a game developer who has repeatedly denied any connection to Hideo Kojima. In one of the posters released from Abandoned, we see a blurry image of a one-eyed character with a blindfold over his left eye. We all know that one of the most popular one-eyed characters in the gaming industry is Bigbas, who ironically also puts a blindfold on his left eye. Bigbas is one of the famous characters of the Metal Gear series.

This is not the only similarity between this project and Hideo Kojima’s works, interests and tastes. Hassan Ghahraman, who we previously introduced as the director of Abandoned, has posted a mysterious image on the header of his Twitter page. This image shows an island on the water. If you take the term small island and translate it into Japanese through Google Translate, you will get the word.. Now if you pick up this translation and go back to the translator and translate it into English, you will be given the word Kojima!

The symptoms do not end there. The only game released by Blobox Studios is called The Whisperer, whose logo is a black hand, similar to the black hand symbol in Death Stranding. The studio logo bears a striking resemblance to the PS Studios logo; A white cube with content inside. The studio’s Twitter is registered under the username BBGameStudios, which can be a direct reference to BB or the babies of the Death Stranding world. Fans think that this game has two modes; Either the new game is Silent Hill or a new project from the Metal Gear series.

Even in the trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut, we saw various references from Kojima to Bluebox and Metal Gear Solid. Since Abandoned is a horror game from the perspective of the first person, this project is likely to be a new game from the Silent Hill series. Hideo Kojima has a history of secretly introducing his games in the past. Be sure to remember the introduction of Metal Gear Solid V. Kojima used a fake name for the game and its studio to introduce the game.

In the end, all this can be just a fantasy in the minds of the fans and a cleverness from the Abandoned advertising team. The developers have promised that more information about Abandoned will be released in the future. Speculation will not end here. The interview of Norman Redas, actor Sam Porter in Death Stranding, raised new doubts in the minds of fans. In an interview, Ridas described the possibility of making the next version of Death Stranding as high. He noted that Kojima and PlayStation are currently in talks to make the game and nothing is final.


Kojima had also expressed interest in making the Death Stranding sequel in various interviews. The day the next Hideo Kojima game is introduced will undoubtedly be a big and lasting day in the game industry. A game developer who never ran away from his love of game development and always delivered lasting products to the gaming community. What do you think? What will be the next project of Kojima Productions Studio? A scary game? Continuation of an old ip or a brand new game? Be sure to share your comments and speculations with us in the comments section.

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