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The Mass Effect series has always been great in terms of storytelling throughout its life. Although the main trilogy eventually ran into problems with some of the storytelling disciplines, these were only minor drawbacks compared to the other story achievements of the series. On the other hand, even a title like Mass Effect: Andromeda had a great story with all its shortcomings. While the lack of memorable characters or the very small number of new species of space creatures in this game was disappointing, the title made good use of its original idea to introduce some really engaging secrets.

Note that this article includes spoilers from the Mass Effect trilogy and the Andromeda version.

No wonder, then, that there is already a lot of discussion and speculation about the Mass Effect 4 storyline – or any name that BioWare Put on the new version of the series – there are. Of course, it is clear that there is still a long way to go before the release of this game, and given the limited information we have about it, many things are still unclear. But for now, we can somewhat predict the storyline of the game based on the limited items shown and the events of previous titles.

If you have been following the news and discussions about Mass Effect, you are probably aware of some popular theories about the new version of the series. One of them is that the events of the game will be narrated several centuries after the main story of the trilogy. According to the released teaser trailer, we can almost say with confidence that we are going to return to the Milky Way in the next game; A topic that raises interesting questions. Especially since BioWare mentions the connection between the story of the Milky Way and Andromeda (we see both galaxies in the game’s teaser trailer).

Of course, the only possible way to do this is to use a time jump. Yes, the Andromeda Initiative left the galaxy between the events of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, but these people finally reached their destination 600 years later. So if Mass Effect is to become the point of convergence of both storylines, the Milky Way galaxy must also reach the beginning of the Mass Effect Andromeda events, which will only be possible through a time leap. Of course, this also makes sense for BioWare. Not only is it narratively interesting to observe the state of the galaxy after several centuries of the main trilogy story, but this decision helps the game to distance itself from previous events and no longer depend so much on the main trilogy decisions; A theme that allows developers to have more freedom of action to build the game.

However, one event that must be followed is the end of Mass Effect 3. To date, BioWare has refused to specify the original ending and Canon of the game, and Mass Effect: Andromeda, focusing on another galaxy, has allowed the studio not to have to mention this. But Mass Effect 4 takes us back to the Milky Way galaxy, and its story takes place after the main trilogy. In other words, BioWare has to choose a main ending for Mass Effect 3.

According to the released trailer, it seems that the developers of Mass Effect 4 have chosen the end of Destroy. There are several cases that point to this issue. For example, we see Liara in the teaser; A popular character who seems to be getting older this time (the Asari‌ race can live for hundreds or even thousands of years. So Liara’s presence after a hypothetical time leap seems perfectly reasonable). However, his physical appearance has not changed much, and this character is still the original trio of organic life, not a combination of organic and artificial elements; In other words, we can take the end of the synthesis out of the equation.

On the other hand, there was also a dead Reaper in the teaser. Although several cases could have led to the death of the Reaper, it seems that this officially refers to the end of Destroy, which of course raises various questions. The end of Destroy led to the deaths of all the Rappers and other artificial species in the galaxy, including the Geths, AI (like EDI), and even Shepard, which had artificial elements due to the Lazarus Project. On the other hand, unlike the Control and Synthesis terminals, the Reaper species no longer exist to help survivors repair galaxies; This means that very important intergalactic structures such as Citadel and Mass relays are either completely destroyed or at least unusable.

So what will the state of the galaxy in Mass Effect 4 look like after the time leap? Are the mass relays repaired? Is artificial intelligence back? If mass relays do not work, how does space travel and movement in the galaxy work? Therefore, it is possible that the end of Control is considered to be the main end of Mass Effect 3, but there is another case in the teaser that probably points to the opposite.

Mass Effect

It is a detached piece of N7 armor that Liara finds. Given Liara’s smile, what the teaser wants to tell us is that this piece belongs to Shepard’s armor. This indicates that Liara is probably trying to collect these pieces. As you know, Shepherd sacrifices himself at all endings of Mass Effect 3, but if he has a high score in the military power department, there is a chance that Shepard will survive at the end of Destroy. Of course, if we really see a time jump, the chances of Shepard surviving in Mass Effect 4 are extremely low; After all, he is a human being and cannot live as long as the Asari race. However, perhaps Liara intends to bring Shepard back using other methods; Maybe as an AI? This is likely to happen.

A big question that has occupied everyone’s mind and according to the current information remains unanswered, is the identity of the negative characters of Mass Effect 4. At least we can say with confidence that Reaper‌‌s are no longer negative characters; Because regardless of the end that is finally to be chosen as the main end, they are no longer a threat to the galaxy. Since Mass Effect 4 probably includes the Andromeda Galaxy, it is possible that Kett and The Scourge entered the Milky Way. Of course, we must announce that we did not see this issue in the teaser. Biover probably wants to distance himself from the game’s story as much as possible. The Leviathan expansion pack for Mass Effect 3 showed that the Leviathans, the creators of the Reaper, are still alive, and it is clear that this terrifying race still considers itself the superior species of the galaxy. So maybe these creatures have decided to take back what they feel belongs to them. This can definitely be an interesting threat.

However, the new Mass Effect game has a lot of storytelling potential. According to the short teaser shown by Beaver, there are some very interesting opportunities in the game that can excite fans of the series. Again, given the time left until the game’s release, we probably won’t see the release of new information from Mass Effect 4 for at least several years. If BioWare does not spoil the game, Mass Effect 4 may be able to do great things with its story.

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