Which games show the best parkour? The thrill of parkour in the game world


For years, creators have been using the parkour system to make their work more attractive, and we have seen this in many titles. If we want to describe parkour, we have to say that parkour means crossing obstacles in the fastest time, using the best and smoothest possible movements that can be said from the very beginning of human existence without knowing what parkour was, we used this profession. But let’s skip these dry definitions. Parkour was originally founded by a French soldier named Raymond Belle, a French soldier who was looking for an escape route that Parkour saw as the answer. That is, David Belle expanded the profession and named it Parkour. In the continuation of this article, we have gone to the titles and franchises that have incorporated Parkour in the best possible way, and we intend to introduce them to your service. It should be noted that some of the titles in this list do not merely present the parkour that we see in reality, and the parkour system in which they are placed is a bit far from reality and has the color and smell of arcade.

Mirror’s Edge

The best parkour games

The Mirror’s Edge series can not be considered a perfect title, however, for people who are looking for a game with a unique parkour system, Mirror’s Edge can be one of the main options. The story of the game takes you to a not-so-beautiful future, when a group called Runners is tasked with transmitting secret messages, and the members of this group must pass messages between the sender and receiver as quickly as possible without anyone noticing. You are in the role of Faith, who is a member of this group, and you have to convey the messages to the recipient through his abilities.

But what is Faith’s main ability? You guessed it, Parkour! The most important and attractive feature of the game is related to its arcade-like and exciting parkour system. Move around buildings, cross obstacles, jump high altitudes, and find everything you need in parkour in Mirror’s Edge. We may not see interesting and special environments in the game and the gameplay of the game also has undeniable shortcomings, but the parkour system of this game can not be criticized and parkour lovers will definitely enjoy the experience of this series.


The best parkour games

Titanfall is a fast-paced, first-person shooter with a fast-paced, thrilling gameplay that caters to fast-paced, thrilling gamers who want to experience a unique multiplayer experience. The second version of Titanfall game, in addition to the multiplayer section, also has a story section, of course, it can not be said that the main focus of the game developers was on this section, because the story of the above title has many weaknesses and is very short. The game has to go to the multiplayer and online part of the game, which undoubtedly we all know Titanfall 2 is great in this regard.

Parkour in this game is far from what you see in the real world, and in Titanfall 2 you see an unlimited parking system that does not look like reality, of course it is logical, you with huge robots that do not want to jump over a short wall and wait There are no restrictions in the game. In Titanfall 2, you can jump hundreds of meters in the air and do whatever you want and use parkour to have a better chance of winning battles. Becoming a professional in this field is equal to making your job easier and enjoying the gaming experience much more.

Dying light

The best parkour games

Dying light, by Techland Game Studio, takes you to a world full of zombies, like other zombie-themed titles, and when you experience Dying light, you don’t have much time to rest and you always have to escape from the zombies. Be and kill them. In this title, you play the role of an agent named Kyle, and in the city of Harran, you are in the middle of a civil war between Runner and Bandit.

The story of the game alone may not attract you as it should, but thanks to the gameplay, especially the attractive parkour, Dying light can definitely be a fun title for you. Parkour plays a very important role in this game and jumping between two buildings, climbing different objects and بهترین are implemented in the best possible way and their use is very enjoyable and practical. The parkour you see in this title is far from the arcade and we should consider it more realistic, because you can not do whatever you want and do weird things, however, it must be said that parkour is an integral part of Dying light and This game definitely deserves to be on this list.


The best parkour games

A cruel, dark and violent world, a world that even goes beyond the apocalypse and experiences strange and scary eras, this was just a brief description of the world of Ghostrunner game, a work of One More Level studio made in the first character and action genre and from It makes good use of cyberpunk elements, especially parkour, to bring a special experience to gamers. In this world, a person named Mara rules the kingdom and rules in the most cruel way possible. Tired of this dictatorial situation, a group rises up and decides to overthrow the tyrant king so that they can not use the course of their hope of survival.

The gameplay is designed to be very fast and exciting, and the use of parkour in the game has been a clever action by the creators, which has made their effect to use the element of excitement much more. Parkour in this game is a little different from the parkour you see in reality and it should be considered an arcade parkour. You can use the power of Response and quick shifts to climb walls and cross the scary and dangerous paths of this ruthless world.

Assassin’s Creed

The best parkour games

Other Assassin’s Creed is known to all gamers, even those who are not very good at video games, and at least have heard its name. A title that puts you in the role of a professional assassin from the Assassin’s cult. In the first version of this series, we took control of the bird character and experienced this game in the role of Ezio’s beloved character in the Ezio trilogy, but this was not the end of the story for this franchise, and we are also seeing the release of new versions of this series in three The latest version of the game style and context changed completely and practically Assassin’s Creed became a purely role-playing effect, but despite the huge changes in the game, something that was never removed from the series and always in the best possible way in the titles. We saw this series, its parkour system was perfect.

It can be said that Assassin’s Creed series made Parkour one of the most important features in today’s games and raised its standards by several steps. When other gamers saw the immense popularity of parkour gamers in the games of this series, they decided to value this fascinating profession much more than before. Assassin’s Creed’s portfolio in the field of parkour should be considered Assassin’s Creed Unity. Enjoy parkour.


The best parkour games

The presence of Vector in this list may seem a bit far-fetched, but Parkour in this game is so attractive and professionally implemented that we decided to refer to it as well-made. The first version of Vector, which happened to be much more popular than the second version, is considered to be one of the best and most entertaining games on the smartphone platform, which has been around for many years and is still highly valued and can entertain you. Slowly

The animations of Vector game, after almost 9 years since the release of the game, still look flawless and beautiful, and the design of the steps has been done intelligently to use all the parkour movements and gameplay features. The game has several different and attractive stages that will not take you much time to complete, but you will definitely enjoy the game and its parkour system in a short time. If you experience different titles with your phones, you should not miss Vector in any way.


The best parkour games

Arkin Studio titles are known for being special, and in most of the games made by this studio, we see a very high level of freedom in advancing the stages, and we can use different strategies to complete a mission. One of the things that makes Dishonored series so attractive is its special and attractive parkour system. In this game, you can use parkour by using various capabilities such as responsiveness and quick shifts to access different parts of the game environment.

This part of the gameplay in both main versions of the series is very attractive, and Corvo, the main character of the above title can well use the parkour capabilities and various features. Using parkour in this game is not easy and you can not expect strange movements away from reality, the weight of the main character’s movement when climbing objects, jumping and… is quite tangible and will convey a realistic feeling to you Which we see in fewer titles.


The best parkour games

Stride is the name of a virtual reality title that focuses on parkour and has many similarities to Mirror’s Edge. You start the game in a city that is collapsing, important resources are running out, and everyone is looking for their own survival, and no one has mercy on the other. This city needs a hero to be saved and you have to be that hero. So start the game and get this city out of this dangerous situation.

Parkour is the main part of the game and without a doubt the experience of pure parkour through a virtual reality game can be fascinating. Parkour in the above title shows a combination of arcade and reality and you can expect a lot of strange and exciting movements that have made the game very attractive. Although the game’s creators, JoyWay, have not been able to deliver the Stride game in a variety of contexts, there is no denying the appeal of the virtual reality parkour experience.

Prince of Persia

The best parkour games

Prince of Persia is one of the oldest and most memorable video game franchises that Ubisoft has forgotten about for years, and we gamers have been waiting a long time for a new version of this fascinating series that does not seem to be coming soon. However, we have seen many titles in the past from the Prince of Persia series, in all of which Parkour was an integral part of the game and has always existed flawlessly in the game.

Among all the titles in this series, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time can be considered one of the best, which has an extraordinary parkour system and jumps on objects, moves on the wall, swings and all the movements in the parkour. We are witnessing in this game and using them is very enjoyable. Prince of Persia fighting games may be repetitive after a while and have other problems, but overall the parkour system of this game series can not be ignored, and gamers who have experienced the titles of this series certainly agree with this.

Watch dogs

The best parkour games

It seems that Ubisoft He has a special interest in including parkour in his games, and another title of this studio that uses parkour system is called Watch dogs 2. The first version of this series also uses parkour, but in the second part of this series, parkour took on a more prominent role and had improvements that made its use very enjoyable. Watch dogs 2 can be said to have one of the most realistic parkour systems in the world of video games, in this game you can not expect arcade-like movements.

With Watch dogs 2 you can jump over objects, cross obstacles, slide, jump from heights with engaging dramatic moves, and do dozens of other tasks, all of which are well implemented in the game. Watch dogs 2 is less attractive in terms of story than its first version and has been badly damaged by problems such as poor characterization, some bugs and technical problems have bothered gamers, but Watch dogs 2 is a title anyway. It is fun and has a parkour system that is close to reality, which makes the game experience more attractive.

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