Why the PlayStation 5 is Sony’s most innovative console after the PS1


Sony’s latest console, the PlayStation 5, could be the most evolving and innovative PlayStation produced by the Japanese giant since PlayStation 1.

In fact, the PlayStation 5 may be the best PlayStation since Sony’s first console. It is also probably the rarest PlayStation in history, although it was very difficult to find the PlayStation 2 in some parts of the world when it was released. Although the PlayStation 5 is hard to come by these days, it has sold very well.

According to some, PlayStation 5 is Sony’s best console after Playstation 1 And it is better than PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. There are many reasons for this belief, but in fact, it all has to do with Sony’s roots and the unique footprint that the Japanese giant has placed on the technology and design of this console.

PlayStation 1 was released on December 3, 1994 in Japan and arrived in North America and Europe nine months later. The console had a 32-bit processor, 2 MB of RAM and 1 MB of VRAM, which are small numbers by today’s standards, but in their time and in the mid-1990s, they were literally revolutionary specs.

The console revolutionized the 16-bit era of Mario and Sonic and set a new graphics standard. The PlayStation 1 comes with a demo disc that showcases its 3D power, allowing you to see a walking dinosaur and move the camera around to bring it to its full polygon glory. look. The dinosaur also appeared on PlayStation 5 via Astro’s Playroom.

Later, games like Tekken 3, Gran Turismo, and Final Fantasy 8 surprised gamers in the ’90s with their realism and depth, while Lara Croft captivated an entire generation. But we are not really talking about games; Because if we want to rank PlayStations based on their software, we probably have to give PlayStation 2 first place because of the unique combination of quality and quantity in its game set.


Instead, we’re here to talk about hardware, and we have to say that the PlayStation 5 is the most innovative hardware Sony has released since its first console. The first example of an innovation in the PlayStation 5 is its controller, which should not be overlooked. However, the controller is the only way you can communicate with the images you see on the screen.

The PlayStation 2 console had a controller with Rumble technology (a system for creating vibration in the controller), which was also present in the PlayStation 1. The PlayStation 3 controller added SIXAXIS and was wireless. The PlayStation 4 controller experienced improvements, but still showed the gradual DNA upgrade of the first dual-shock, built in 1997.

DualSense, or the evolution of PlayStation 5 from DualShock, with its new features such as Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers, represents a real innovation. The details and variety of feedback through DualSense are really interesting. As now in Gran Turismo Sport you can use this controller to feel the weight of cars, balance distribution and texture of different road surfaces through your hands.

Astro’s Playroom is a featured demo to demonstrate dual-sense abilities that let you feel raindrops on Astro’s head, his feet sinking in mud, or steel being polished as he rolls over. In fact, this controller uses an interesting trick to deceive you. For example, when the Astrobot jumps from a smooth surface to a steel surface, you can fully feel this change in surface, which is not only due to the intensity of the vibration, but also to the sound emitted by the controller. These sounds and vibrations deceive the brain into perceiving the sensation of touching a steel surface.

Audio enhancements are also a big part of the PlayStation 5’s appeal. The sound on this console is superior to its predecessor, the PlayStation 4, not only with its more dynamic range and more surround sound, but also with new ideas such as 3D sound than its predecessor, the PlayStation 4. Of course, given that Sony is the company that made the Walkman and still makes the acclaimed audio systems and headphones, these changes were expected to take place much sooner.

PlayStation 1 helped Sony reach its peak. It was in the 1990s and early 2000s that Sony seemed to be the most attractive brand in the world. From its flat-screen Trinitron TVs to G-Shock CD players and innovations such as the MiniDisc and the Aibo robotic dog, Sony has been known for its creative yet exciting approach to design and technical innovation. In fact, PlayStation showed that Sony has no escape from trial and error.

The PlayStation 2 was much more powerful than its bigger brother, but it seemed to mature a little sooner than expected with a black design and sophisticated design. The PlayStation 3 was also a big console with a disappointing PC, which led to some not-so-interesting games. The PlayStation 4 was powerful, but it was more like a modified PlayStation 3 than a big leap. Aside from the visuals and games, this is the PlayStation 5 console that thrills fans and the gaming community more than its predecessor.

play Station

Entering games with a high-speed SSD, surround sound, and revolutionary dual-sensor controller makes the PlayStation 5 the most evolving PlayStation of all time. Ever since PlayStation 1 changed the layout of the living rooms and moved the consoles to a more basic space of normal life, Sony has given more importance to its console segment, which has been very profitable for the company.

Sony seemed to forget about entertainment for a while, focusing more on multimedia entertainment (PlayStation 2) and pure power (PlayStation 3). After that, the PlayStation 4 was like a simpler approach for Sony, which made it easier for them to develop the console, but at the same time, it abandoned creativity, which is an integral part of the company. PlayStation 5 now seems to have revived the bizarre and innovative spirit first seen on PlayStation 1.

Sony has always been interested in media beyond video games. As PlayStation 1 was able to play CDs, PlayStation 2 was able to play DVDs and PlayStation 3 was able to play Blu-ray players. But PlayStation 5 seems to show that Sony is reconnected to the idea that the console is primarily a Station for Play. A device built for entertainment and gaming, and more than ever before, it sends new signals to players and immerses them in hardware innovations.

What do you think about this? Has Sony taken a step forward with its innovations in PlayStation 5?

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