Why we need to rebuild GTA: Vice City


There is no doubt that the series Grand Theft Auto It is full of classic and masterpiece titles. However, Rockstar seems to be focusing on making newer versions and not paying attention to older titles. This is a positive point on the other hand, because fans can expect new and different games. However, on the other hand, one can not expect a remake or remake of the old games of this franchise. In this article, we’re going to look at why GTA: Vice City deserves a remake more than any other game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

We have now seen the ports of some of the old Grand Theft Auto games from the PlayStation 2 era. This is certainly important in itself. Because the old PlayStation 2 hardware is not compatible with modern TVs and monitors, it is difficult to maintain the console itself after all these years. However, a port of an old game is by no means the size of a complete remake. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the most unique franchise game. Its atmosphere is strongly inspired by films such as Scarface and Goodfellas. This special atmosphere has made Vice City a very popular GTA.

Benefits of a Reconstruction

Reconstructions can not only modernize a game for the current generation, but can also make fundamental changes to the game in terms of gameplay and structure. For example, one of the best games of the eighth generation was nothing but a remake of Resident Evil 2. Rockstar catalog is full of games that have a great central idea and just need a remake. Titles like Manhunt, Bully or The Warriors can all shine in the ninth generation. But today we are going to talk about another Rockstar worthy game, GTA: Vice City. Rockstar has not yet officially announced its possible plans to remake the game, but there are rumors about it.

GTA: Vice City

There are already a lot of modern games trying to catch up with GTA: Vice City. As a result, it works better than any other PlayStation 2 GTA in today’s video game world.

Visually, the appearance of Miami in the eighties will forever be attractive. Neon lights and colorful clothes and decor of the environment and cars that never get old. Today, we see many movies and games that use such an environment to tell their story, and almost all audiences love it. Therefore, if you are looking for a lot of sales, this game has more contact with gamers in terms of appearance. While Grand Theft Auto 3 and San Andreas deserve a remake and will definitely sell well, I think a nice remake of Vice City in 2021 will be more popular.

It is also not unreasonable to say that GTA: Vice City has the best story in the history of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. This may sound a bit personal, but Vice City’s mafia story full of revenge and salvation will always succeed. Mafia stories have long been popular, and even in the age of modern consoles, we have seen the remake of Mafia. Of course, it must be said that the Vice City story is more predictable than other versions, but this is the essence of criminal narratives. Vice City’s power lies in its powerful writing and characterization. Ken, Sonny and Tommy are among the best characters in the history of this series.

The world of GTA: Vice City is not getting old

As mentioned, the plot twists of GTA: Vice City are clear from two kilometers away, but these fascinating characters still make for a very entertaining narrative. Of course, not a single remake can make a big difference in the game’s narrative, but the strong performance of the story in the main Vice City means that not much change is needed. Vice City still has one of the best stories in the history of video game medium. It’s important that the game’s soundtrack team includes big names like Ray Liotta, Danny Trejo and Dennis Hopper, but it stays on the cake.

Grand Theft Auto

There is no doubt that Vice City characters are among the best in the history of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. In addition, the game probably includes the best sound engine team in the series. These fascinating characters make the game’s predictable story twists still fun.

I think the Miami-inspired world of GTA: Vice City has retained much of its glory over the years. Maybe because of the bright colors. Perhaps the fact that even with a simple layout, the city is much more successful in conveying its message than in recent editions has kept Vice City alive. Vice City still has the most engaging atmosphere in the history of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. That’s why the game has maintained its popularity among GTA fans over the years.

Concluding remarks

Naturally, in a great world, Rockstar deals with all the Grand Theft Auto franchise games like Yakuza and recreates them all. Definitely both the games themselves and the GTA fans deserve such an approach. But for now, Rockstar seems uninterested in examining his past. If we can choose a game from the golden age of PlayStation 2 in this franchise, I think our choice should be Vice City.

It’s been almost twenty years since GTA: Vice City was released. But still no other game has been able to bring Rockstar’s masterpiece of the mafia mood of the eighties Miami to the world of video games.

GTA: Vice City will not only have a very successful business performance, but I believe it has the most merit among those games. Despite its very old visual effects and relatively simple controls, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City needs to be rebuilt for new gamers. People who are not ready to try out the old version will definitely welcome a remake. After all, we are on the side of one of the best experiences in the history of this medium.

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