Biomutant Explanation Trailer

One week before the release of Biomutant, THQ Nordic and Experiment 101 have just shared a new trailer for the game. This new trailer shows the various features of this game.

In the new trailer released by Biomutant, Mr. Stefan Ljungqvist, as the director of this game, explains about the world and the different features of this work. The gameplay of this third-person action game and open world is a combination of fighting using firearms. Extensive personalization is also available in this game and you can change and personalize the appearance of your character and weapons according to your taste.

Biomutant will be released on June 25, 1400 (May 25, 2021) for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC consoles (Steam, GoG, Epic Games and Origin stores). Finally, you can watch or download the new video released from this game.


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