Biomutant Gameplay Footage PC

The game development studio Biomutant, which is making a lot of information about this title available these days, today released a new video of its gameplay, which will be interesting for many fans.

Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic, which are in charge of making and publishing Biomutant, respectively, released another trailer for the game today. This video is related to the gameplay of the PC version of this game and can answer the questions of many fans. There are several details in this 3-minute video, so it should not be overlooked.

Biomutant is an exciting game in the genres of action and role-playing in the open world, which will be released on May 25, 2021 on the PC platform and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. According to the creators, this game uses artistic images as well as an interesting fighting system, and people will realize these points from the very beginning. Shooting in this work is also one of the exciting events. Another feature of Biomutant is the variety of weapons.

As soon as we receive more news about Biomutant, we will inform you dear ones. In the end, you can watch the mentioned trailer.


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