HUMANKIND Official Closed Beta Trailer

Recently, Amplitude Studios and Sega announced the release of the trailer for the Humankind strategy game, which will be released in August this year, and its private beta test will soon be available to those who have pre-purchased the title.

Undoubtedly, fans of large-scale strategy games such as the Civilization series are waiting for the release of the latest game in this genre from Sega. Humankind game has become one of the most anticipated games for fans of strategy style from the moment of its introduction, and these people are interested in receiving more information about this title. In this regard, Amplitude Studio recently announced in an official news that due to the approaching release time of this product, its private beta testing will begin soon. In addition to this announcement, a trailer of the gameplay of Humankind game was also released, which you can watch at the end of this article.

According to the information released, the private beta test of Humankind will allow gamers to attend five time periods and get the most ideal possible experience of the quality of this game before the release of the original version. Of course, the contents of these 5 time periods will be limited and many of their items and features will be added to the original version over time. Those interested in experiencing the Humankind private beta test should purchase the title from both Steam and Epic Games. The exact start date of the private beta test of this game has not been announced yet, and we will have to wait for more information at today’s PC Gaming Show.

  • Humankind strategy game is scheduled to be available on August 17, 2021 on the platform of personal computers and Google Studio service. Finally, you can watch the latest trailer of this title below:


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