Gameplay of TiMi Studio Group’s Metal Slug Mobile Game

SNK, publisher and team studio (TiMi Studios) developer of Metal Slug Code: J, has just released a new trailer for the game. This new trailer shows the gameplay of the game in beta.

The Metal Slug series is one of the most popular and old franchises that have been released in various versions. This series of games are titles in the style of 2D action Run and Gun. The first version of this franchise was released in 1996. So far, 7 original versions, two remakes and several sub-versions of this series have been released. A new game from the franchise called Metal Slug Code: J was unveiled last summer, and now, a year later, a new trailer has been released.

Metal Slug Code: J will be released on an unspecified date for Android or iOS smartphones. Finally, you can see the newly released trailer of the gameplay of this work.


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