Shadow Warrior 3 Sneak Peek ‘Motoko’s Thunderdome’

The game development studio Shadow Warrior 3, which is busy introducing this title these days, started working today and released a new video of it.

The two companies Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital, which are in charge of developing and publishing Shadow Warrior 3, respectively, today released another trailer of this work, which is more to the combat system and It’s about how to use weapons and items. In this video called Motoko`s Thundersome, you can see interesting details such as very fast and exciting gameplay. So if you are interested in this title and you want to experience it, be sure to watch this trailer.

Shadow Warrior 3 is one of the most fascinating titles in the shooting style. Of course, according to the creators, this game is different from all its all-genre titles, and gamers will notice this from the beginning. In addition to firearms, the use of cold steel is also possible in this title. There are many enemies in this work who are thirsty for your blood and you have to act very fast to destroy them.

So far, many trailers and images of Shadow Warrior 3 have been available and have given gamers hope for that product. The game is set to be released on an unspecified date from 2021 on the PC platform and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. At the end you can see the mentioned trailer.


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