The Sinking City Xbox Series X S Release Trailer

The game developer The Sinking City announced today in great news that the title will be released in the near future on the ninth generation console, the Xbox Series X. Also, in order to make players more familiar, another trailer of this title has been made available, which is related to the mentioned version.

Frogwares Studios surprised many gamers by announcing the release of The Sinking City on the Xbox Series X and S consoles. The game was recently released on another ninth generation console, PlayStation 5. The ninth generation versions of the game will have higher quality and lighting, as well as lower loading speeds, which should not be overlooked.

According to the trailer that was released today for the Xbox version of The Sinking City X series, we were informed that its quality will be similar to the PlayStation 5 version. For this reason, this version is expected to be well received. Also, the Merciful Madness expansion pack that was previously released for this game will be available to fans with this version.

It looks like The Sinking City will be priced at $ 49.99. Meanwhile, the Deluxe Edition will be available to gamers with much more features and a price of $ 64.99. With this version you can access all the add-on packages published for this work. At the moment, other information such as the publisher of this version and the exact release date are not known, and it remains to be seen when this will happen.

As mentioned above, a video of the mentioned version is available today, which you can watch and download at the end. This effect is currently available on the PC and PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One platforms.


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